2004 Ford F250 Super Duty


XTL Sport   4x4 crew cab short bed

5.4L V8    4.10 LS rear




Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

How to replace the 5.4L intake manifold & gaskets.  This repair was brought about because of the crossover tube coolant leak.

Automatic Transmission Flush

How to flush the Ford 4R100 Transmission

Drag Link Replacement

How to replace the steering drag link.

Rear Brake Rotors & Pads

How to replace the rear brake rotors and pads.

Truck Cap Fishing Rod Rack

Setup to haul fishing poles in the ceiling of my truck cap.

Triton V8 Fender Emblems

Triton V8 emblems under the F250 emblems on the fender.

Side Marker Lights

Installation of amber marker lights to the pinch welds.

Puddle Lights

Installation of "puddle lights" to the factory mirrors.

Auxiliary Reverse Lamps

Installation of small driving lights to supplement the truck's reverse lamps.

Greasing the Wheel Bearings

Procedure for greasing the front wheel bearings (unit bearings) on a 1999-2004 4x4 Super Duty pickup.

Coolant Flush and Thermostat Replacement

Procedure for flushing the coolant and replacing the thermostat in a 5.4L 2V engine.

Spark Plug Replacement

Procedure for replacing the spark plugs in a 5.4L 2V engine.  Also some pics of replacing the PCV valve.

Front Sway Bar Bushings

More times than not, replacing these bushings fixes the typical "front end clunk" problem eventually found on almost all 1999-2004 Super Duty trucks.

Truck Cap Rear Wiper/Washer

Very detailed write up on how I installed a rear wiper/washer from a 91-94 Explorer on my truck cap.

CB Antenna Installation on cowl

How to install a Firestik II CB antenna on the driver's side cowl, opposite the radio antenna.

Quad Pillar Gauge Installation

Detailed write up for installing oil pressure, trans temp, oil temp, rear diff temp, vacuum, and fuel pressure gauges.  Also, information on upgrading the backlighting with LEDs.

Aux Switches, 2wd low, wiper shaker, heated mirror disable, PIE

Detailed write-up on how and where I installed auxiliary switches in my truck.

Wiper Shaker Installation

Installation of the wiper shaker system and wiring.

Broken Exhaust Manifold Stud, Headers, Y-Pipe

Detailed procedure fore removing broken exhaust manifold studs, installing JBA shorty headers, and the SPD Y-pipe.

Ball Joints and Front Brakes

Long, detailed procedure with lots of pics explaining how to replace the ball joints and front brakes on a 4x4 Super Duty.

Front Axle U-Joints

I went ahead and replaced the front axle u-joints while it was all apart for new ball joints.

Auto Locking (ESOF) Hub Service

This procedure will help keep your Super Duty ESOF hubs working properly.

Brake Caliper Slide Pin Replacement/Service

How to service the caliper slide pins to help prevent them from sticking. 

Front Wheel Hub Needle Bearing

How to replace/service the needle bearing in the front wheel bearing assembly. 

4x4 Knob Illumination

Ford wants you to buy the entire switch assembly just to get a new bulb.  That's not necessary and this article explains how to replace it.

Dash Light LEDs

Procedure for replacing the dash lighting with super bright LEDs.  Including the 4x4 switch, headlight switch, instrument cluster, and Heat/AC controls.

Driveshaft Slip Yoke

Greasing the slip yoke is usually the fix when you feel a slight clunk in the drivetrain when taking off from a stop.

Fuel Filter

How to replace the fuel filter on gas engine Super Duty trucks.

Keypad Battery

How to replace the battery in the "stick on" keyless entry keypad.

Mag Hytec Rear Diff Cover & Gear Oil Change

Ford 10.5" rear differential service and Mag Hytec installation.

3D-Cell Mag Lite

Installation of a Mag Lite beside the driver's seat.

Serpentine Belt

How to replace the serpentine belt on gas engine Super Duty trucks.

Reverse Sensing System & Backup Camera

Installation of a four-sensor reverse sensing system and a wireless backup camera.

Leaf Spring Squeak

Procedure for replacing the nylon spring pads to cure the squeaky leaf spring problem.

Transfer Case Oil

How to change the oil in the transfer case. 

Factory Ford Stereo Upgrade - CD6 with MP3 and PIE Adapter

Replacing the stock single CD stereo with a 2006 Ford 6-disc in-dash player with MP3 capability.  Also, procedure for installing a PIE adapter to provide an aux input.

Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock

How to install the solenoid to make the tailgate lock/unlock with the door locks. 

Front & Rear Door Courtesy Lights

How to install courtesy lights on the front and rear doors on a crew cab Super Duty.  These were included stock on the earlier model years, but sometime before 2004 they took away the illumination.

Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

Replacing the stock mirror with an OEM Ford (Gentex) auto dimming mirror with a compass display.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

How to clean the MAF sensor on gas engine Super Duty trucks. 

Oil Change & Fumoto Drain Valve

Installation of a quick oil drain valve, along with an oil change. 

Cold AC mod info for gas engine Super Duty trucks

Some information about the cold AC mod for gas engine Super Duty trucks, particularly the crew cab models. 

Front Differential Service

Procedure for changing the gear oil in the Dana 60 front differential. 




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