Brockport High School NY USA 
Physics Labs

Questions about any of these labs can be directed to Jim Keefer

Density of Liquids, Graphs, Sig. Figs.
Constant Velocity
Constant Acceleration
Measuring Human Reaction Time
Personal Acceleration
"g" by Strobe Photography
Shoot for your Grade (Projectile Motion)
Motion in Two Dimensions: Softball Throw
Vertical Motion
Projectile Motion
Resolution of Forces and Force Parallel
Gravity and Newton's 2nd Law: The Bowling Ball Drop
Newton's Second Law
Riding the Elevator with Isaac Newton
Coefficient of Friction
Composition of Forces: Vector Addition
Force Constant: Hooke's Law
Centripetal Motion
"g" by Pendulum
Law of Conservation of Momentum: BB Gun
Conservation of Momentum (air track)
Meterorite Impulse Simulation
People Power
Work-Energy Theorem

The Bungee Jumper:  Energy Conservation
COR and the Physics of Bounce
Specific Heat of Metals
Heat of Fusion of Ice
Heat of Vaporization (demonstration)
Determination of Absolute Zero
Static Electricity: Unknown Charges
Coulomb's Law
Mapping Electric Fields
Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment "Black Box" Analogy
Electrical Resistance and Temperature

Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
Resistance and Temperature of a Thermistor: Solid State
Mapping Magnetic Fields
Strength of a Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field of the Earth
Speed of Sound (Mach I)
Pulses and Standing Waves
Law of Reflection and Image Location
Images of Spherical Mirrors
Wave Images in a Ripple Tank
Wavelength by Interference in Water Waves
Diffraction and Interference (Young's Exp.)
Refraction through Prisms with the LASER
Refraction through a Medium (glass block)
Critical Angle and Total Internal Reflection
Converging and Diverging Lenses and the lens equation
Planck's Constant
Balmer Series of the Hydrogen and Mercury Atom
Radioactivity and Half-life
Chart of the Nuclides
Lab Roundup Summary