Chart of the Nuclides (Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, A Division of GE)
Compare several elements and their isotopes using the Chart of the Nuclides
Materials: Chart of the Nuclides
Methods and Analysis
Using the Symbol Codes on the Nuclide Chart, determine the following for each nuclide:

1.Nuclide Z = 6†† Element _______________Symbol ______
A)How many stable isotopes for Z = 6?__________
B)What is the only natural radioactive isotope for Z = 6?_____________
C)What type of emitter is it?__________________
D)What is its half-life? ____________________

  2.Nuclide Z = 20Element _______________Symbol_______
A)How many stable isotopes for Z = 20?__________
B)Which isotope of Z = 20 is most abundant?___________; What %?_________
C)What is the half-life of the isotope with 27 neutrons?_________________
D)What type of emitter is it?_____________
E)Specifically, what does it transmutate into? _____________________________________

  3.Nuclide Z = 94Element ________________Symbol________
A)How many radioactive isotopes for Z = 94? ____________
B)What type of emitter is A = 236?______________
C)What is the half-life ofA = 239?_________________
D)Does A = 239 undergo spontaneous fission?______________
E)What is the energy of the α particle for A = 239 duringits release?_____________ (Units)  

4.Nuclide Z = 92Element _________________Symbol_________
A)What is the % abundance for the isotope with 146 neutrons?____________
B)What type of decay does it undergo?________________
C)Does spontaneous fission occur?_________

  5.Nuclide Z = 1Element __________________Symbol ______
A)For A = 1, what is the % abundance?________
B)For A = 3, what is its half-life?_____________
C)For A = 3, what type of emitter is it and what does it transmutate to?______________

  6.For Z = 0,name the particle.___________________
A)What is its half-life in the free state?________________
B)What type of emitter is it and what does it transmutate to?______________, ______________
C)What is its mass in amu?____________________,kilograms ___________________

  7.For Z = 109 Element_________________________ Symbol_________
A) How many neutrons in the element? _______________
B) What is itís half-life? __________________________
C) What type of emitter is it and with what energy? ___________________________________

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