Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment: Charge on the ElectronMillikan's Randomizer
Simulate Millikan's Oil Drop Exp. with a mass analogy.
Materials: Unknown "q" (marbles) in sealed containers, balance

1.  Determine the mass of a "charged oil droplet" container obtained randomly from the central storage box and record this value.  Mass to the nearest 0.1 gram
2.  Return the "droplet" to the storage box via the RandomizerJ tube.  Repeat Step 1at least 25 times.

1.  Determine the smallest mass increment that is >2 g from your data, then plot a graph of the actual mass vs. the increment increase (1,2,3...) where the smallest mass is the first increment.  If the next incremental mass is absent, skip an increment on the x-axis.
2.  Calculate the slope.  What does the slope represent?  (Hint: look at the units.)
3.  Compare this lab's mass analogy with Millikan's oil drop experiment.

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