"Shoot for your Grade"
Predict  the landing spot of a projectile launched horizontally from an elevated platform.
Materials: incline, steel ball, stopwatch, meter stick

The steel ball must never leave the table when taking data.  Only when you are ready to shoot for your grade will the ball be allowed to land on the floor.

1.  Roll the steel ball down the ramp several times, recording the necessary data to determine the average speed at which it will be launched horizontally off the table.
2.  Take any measurements needed to calculate the time of free fall for the projectile to hit the floor.
3.  Using the launch velocity and calculated time, predict by calculation the landing spot of your projectile.  Measure this calculated distance from a spot on the floor directly below the edge of the table.  Place the target sheet at this position, making sure the ball’s velocity vector is aligned with the center of the paper.
4.  Call over the physics teacher before firing the projectile for your grade.  The target sheet gives you your grade.  

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