Heat of Fusion (Hf) of Ice
  Determine  Hf of Ice
Materials:  ice at 0oC, insulated cups, balance, thermometer
1.  Fill the insulated cup with exactly 100.0 mL H2O at approximately 350C to 40oC.  Record the mass of the cup and water and the temperature to 0.1oC just before adding the ice cube.
2.  Add a "dry" ice cube at 0oC to the cup; hold it submerged with another insulated cup; stir gently.
3.  Avoid spilling water.  Record the lowest temperature observed and the final mass of the system.
4.  Calculate the mass of the ice cube.

1.  Calculate the heat of fusion (Hf) of ice using the equation:          (c of water is 4180 J/Kg oC)  
                        mw c ΔT   =  mi Hf  +  mi c ΔT             where mi is the mass of the ice cube
                        (water)          (ice)      (ice water)
2.  Determine the % error.  What are some sources of error?
3.  Define Hf.
4.  Why was it desirable to use an ice cube at 00C rather than at a temperature below zero Celsius?
5.  Why did we start with water at approximately 350C?
6.  What laboratory conditions would be ideal for performing this lab?
7.  If an iceberg at 00C has a mass of 200,000,000 kg, how much heat would be required to melt the entire iceberg and raise the melt water to 8.00C?

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