Series Circuits
1. Use circuit symbols, and construct series circuits.   
2. Use voltmeters & ammeters correctly in circuit.

Materials:  bulbs, voltage source, multimeter (for voltage), 500 mA ammeter, wires, button switch
1.  Sketch a schematic series circuit diagram with 2 bulbs, a 12V source, and the ammeter and voltmeter properly connected.
2.  Wire the circuit.  This must now be checked by a certified physics teacher before throwing the switch.  Using the ammeter and voltmeter, record the voltage and current.  Complete a VIRP table for this circuit.
3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 for 3 bulbs in series.
4.  Unscrew 1 bulb at a time in the 3-bulb circuit and record the effect.
5.  For each circuit, calculate the energy (W) produced if each was allowed to operate for 60 minutes.
6.  For each circuit, calculate the amount of charge q carried in 60 minutes.
7.  Write a paragraph that compares current, voltage, power, and resistance for your two VIRP tables. 
8.  Write the rules for series circuits.
9.  Explain the correct connections for ammeters and voltmeters.

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