The latest from our Bristol Nike folks
including recent and some older photos

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  October 2007 Reunion at Ken Mort's ponderosa

Jerry Daugherty and Kenneth Mort

 Jerry Daugherty and Fred Boren

 Phil Mason, BG, USA, Ret.

 Ron Violette

 Roy Lichte

 Dave Leatherman

 Glenn Meigel, LTC, USA, Ret.

 Charles Venezia

 Edward "Frenchie" Chauvin (our barber)   and Phil Mason

 Dave Harrington, LTC, USA, Ret.

Ron McGarity

 Steve Sieron

 Carl Woida

 Quinnion Duncan

Ron Gelinas

 Joe Marchelletta

Elwood (Al) Black

Tom Stylski

 John Doughtie

Thomas Schultz

 Robert Romaine

Bill Shaw

More to follow ....


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