The latest from our Bristol Nike folks
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Ron McGarity

photo ... December 2000

Ron added:

After my Discharge in April 1964, I returned to Georgia and became employed as a Sheet Metal Fabricator for a local Heating and Air Contractor. I met my wife through a friend during this time and we were married in January 1965.

Our first son was born in November 1965 and our second son was born in December 1968. I began attending Georgia State University in Atlanta in 1969 while working for Lockheed on the night shift. After 3 years of school, working and trying to raise a family, my education was set aside but I had gotten a job with Philco-Ford Corp. as a Senior Accountant. They closed their operation in Atlanta in 1972 and I began working for Pet, Incorporated.

In 1978 I went to work for SunAmerica (a financial services company) as Director of Financial Systems. My wife and I divorced in 1981. SunAmerica moved the Atlanta operation to Los Angeles in 1989. Not wanting to live there, I decided it was time to try something new so I began my own business as a remodeling contractor specializing in kitchens and baths. The company progressed well until I became disabled in 1992 with C.O.P.D. (a pulmonary disorder) along with arthritis.

I have two Grandsons which live in the Atlanta area (my youngest sons children) which I don't get to see as often as I would like but they are doing fine.

So, I guess that's about it in a nutshell. I go fishing occasionally but hate to have to clean them. HA! HA! I'm pretty much limited in physical activity due to my health problems.


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