The latest from our Bristol Nike folks
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Ronald Gelinas

Both photos ... 2005

Proud grandparents Pat and Ron and their grandson Gavin

Ron added:

The Army made a big mistake in assigning me to Thule Air Base in 1964. There, I discovered the Army School Catalog, my ticket out from under the ARADCOM yoke. My application to the Medical Equipment Repaiman course at Fitzimons General Hosp. in Denver was approved by a friendly 7th Group Personnel type with a starting date December 1965. Although we shut down the sites in July of that year, my return to Bristol did not prevent my escape.

My graduation from the school led to assignments to Valley Forge General Hospital, PA, Bangkok, Thailand, back to Fitzsimons for the Advanced Course, then Ft.Lee, VA . Once again returned to instructor duty at Fitzsimons, where I was accepted into the Warrant Officer ranks, Ft. Devens, MA, the 6th Medical Depot, in Seoul, Korea and my reward - my last assignment here in El Paso as the Medical Maintenance Branch Chief for Wm. Beaumont Army Medical Center. Retirement in Oct 1982 culminated 24 years of actve service. Four years working in medical service companies and hospitals ensued until a slot became available at WM Beaumont Hospital and I went to work in my old shop.I retired from Civil Service in August 2005.

Along the way, I married in 1968, Betty Sanderson, who presented me with 3 fine children. The marriage was not to last and we divorced in 1979. She lives here in EP still and relations are cordial. Two of our children live here also, and the youngest lives in Dallas. One daughter is married and has one child. My son is married and has 3 children.

Pat Burst and I were married here in El Paso in November 1981 and recently celebrated our 25th Aniiversary. I am finally, finally retired and enjoying the heck out of my free time, though I volunteer with the Red Cross at the Hospital two days a week. I like feeling as if I'm still part of the Beaumont Family; plus I get to drive Pat to work and join her for lunch. Woodwork and household chores keep me busy otherwise. I participate in shooting sports and reload my own ammunition.

Although my career after AD was more fulfilling, I still remember with some satisfaction the seven years I spent on site in MA, RI, Greenland and Germany. They were good years, in the company of really outstanding lads, many of the best who were drafted, defending our beloved country


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