The latest from our Bristol Nike folks
including recent and some older photos

From El Paso, TX ... Glenn Meigel, LTC, USA, Ret.
Battery Commander of the Bristol Nike Site

Photos 2003

"30 Years after Bristol"

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Glenn and Regina Meigel ... 30 years married!

      Dinner Theater                                        Ft. Bliss Officers' Club
UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso)                                                          .

Checking the Duty Roster at Lunch

Glenn Meigel (Battery Commander of Bristol Nike Site, 1972-1973, now 59) having lunch with John R. Scanlon, Jr. (First Sergeant of Bristol Nike Site, 1971-1973, now 81) at Kiki's Mexican Restaurant on Piedras Street in El Paso, TX right near Fort Bliss, 26 Oct 05.

That's also about the same ages ;-)...around LTG Cassidy, CG ARADCOM, at the bottom of

Hinman (now Soldiers') Hall.                   Washington Redskins football fan   .
Ft. Bliss Bldg 2                                                                            .

Glenn added:

I completed Battery Command at the Bristol, RI Nike Site in 1973 and went to the ADA Officers’ Advanced Course at Ft. Bliss, TX, followed by a tour with 1-43 ADA Nike Battalion in Anchorage, AK.  From there, I had various command, staff, instructor, and student assignments:  in the Pentagon’s Telecommunications Center (also completed an M.A. from Central Michigan University then in 1978); at Ft. Bliss Tactics Department; at the Armed Forces Joint Staff College in Norfolk, VA; in Heidelberg, Germany with NATO’s CENTAG HQ; at CGSC CAS3 Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; and finally back to Ft. Bliss again with the Test & Experimentation Command—the old Air Defense Board.  (Prior to 1973:  I was in Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO; AIT & OCS at Ft. Sill, OK; then a Training Brigade at Ft. Benning, GA; on ADA “Dusters” in Phu Bai & Chu Lai, Vietnam; and at the 52nd ADA Brigade AADCP in Highlands, NJ.)  I retired with 24 years of active duty as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1992 and remain living in El Paso, TX with my wife of 30 years, Regina.  I’ve stayed busy and been involved with volunteer activities, much of it with the El Paso Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch Program, sponsoring Officer Students from other countries who take courses at Ft. Bliss, and learning more about the computer and its programs.


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