The latest from our Bristol Nike folks
including recent and some older photos

Elwood (Al) Black

2003 picture of the 3 Black family brothers.        L to R ... Lindy, Bob and Elwood

1957   Al and Veronica                                   1956    Al at Ft Dix

This car had been driven all the way up from Texas by one of
our original crew and I had gotten it from one of those fellas.

Al added:

I had met my wife Veronica in 1957 while stationed at the Bristol Nike Site and we were married in 1959. We still live in the same house we purchased in 1961 here in Bristol. Veronica and I raised 4 children, two boys and two girls. Also I served in the Army Reserves here in Bristol. I worked at and retired after 30 years from Raytheon in 1999 and keep busy by fishing which is good here, sports and other things to do. Bristol has been a great place to live and raise a family. I enjoyed my time at the old Nike site. Now there is a college down there in the launcher area and also a summer camp for city kids that stay in the old barracks.

Webmaster’s note:
COL Leggette (USA ret.) and Al Black are the only original 1956 Bristol crew members (other than myself) that we have been able to locate so far.


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