Polecats and Tiger Sharks

of the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company, Vietnam 1967-1971

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Polecat and Tiger Shark were the radio call signs of the Huey slicks and gunships of the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company, 10th Combat Aviation Battalion, First Aviation Brigade, US Army, during the Vietnam War. The 192nd was formed at Fort Riley, Kansas and transported to Phu Hiep, Vietnam in October, 1967 aboard the US Navy ship Gen. Nelson M. Walker.

Our call sign "Polecat" was in honor of a pet skunk named Waldo who made the trip to Vietnam on the boat with the men and aircraft. In December, 1967, the 192nd moved to Phan Thiet, and in 1970 to Phan Rang. 

We supported many units in the southern II Corps area, including the White Horse division of the army of the Republic of Korea, the 3/506/101 ( Third Battalion, 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Brigade) , IFFV ( First Field Force Vietnam ), C/75/173 ( Charlie Company, 75th Rangers, 173rd Airborne Brigade ), and MACV ( Military Assistance Command, Vietnam).

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