The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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WO Tarry T. O Reilly SSG Clyde H. O'Brien 1LT Frank A. O'Brien
2LT John J. O'Brien MAJ Kevin O'Brien PFC Michael M. O'Brien
WO Patrick R. O'Brien PFC William J. O'Brien 1LT Brian J. O'Callaghan
PFC Maurice J. O'Callaghan PFC Richard E. O'Conner CPL Dennis A. O'Connor
SGT Dennis K. O'Connor 1LT Michael M. O'Connor LTC Thomas F. O'Dea
MAJ Michael D. O'Donnell 1LT John M. O'Farrell SP4 Rocky P. O'Ham
PFC Michael A. O'Keefe PFC Daniel T. O'Laughlin 2LT Richard L. O'Leary
CWO Dennis W. O'Melia PFC Jerry L. O'Nan LCPL Harold O'Neal
SGT James E. O'Neal CPL Jerry L. O'Neal CPL Riley C. O'Neil
CPL Charles L. O'Neill 1LT Daniel J. O'Neill CWO Douglas L. O'Neill
PFC Michael J. O'Neill SP5 Patrick J. O'Shaughnessy SSG Don T. O'Shell
SSG Charles R. O'Steen CPL Peter J. O'Toole PFC Jack W. Oakes
1LT Paul L. Oakes PFC James R. Oakley SSG Robert L. Oaks
CPL Dell C. Odegard CPL George A. Odiorne PFC John C. Odle
PFC John T. Odom SP4 William J. Odstrcil PFC George H. Oehler
PFC Michael L. Oen SP4 William B. Offerdahl SGT Jerry W. Ofstedahl
CPL Terry Y. Ogami SP4 Terrance A. Ogata LCPL Howard Ogden
CPL John A. Ogrizek SP4 Frederick R. Ohler PFC James Ohlinger
HM3 Thomas H. Ohnesorge SP4 Joe B. Ojeda CWO Thomas R. Okerlund
SP4 Steven J. Olcott MAJ John S. Oldham A1C Jerry D. Olds
LCPL Kenneth F. Olenzuk PFC Paul G. Olenzuk SP4 Arturo Olivares-Martinez
PFC Milton L. Olive PFC Charles E. Oliver SGT Walter B. Oliver
CDR Stanley E. Olmstead PFC Cecil C. Olsen LTC Floyd W. Olsen
SP4 George T. Olsen CPL John L. Olsen CPL Olaf T. Olsen
CPL Steven W. Olsen LCPL Charles R. Olson SP4 Duane E. Olson
CPL Gary W. Olson MAJ Gerald E. Olson LCPL Randall A. Olson
SP4 Richard Olson PFC Robert C. Olson CPT Robert F. Olson
LCPL Gary N. Olsowski EMFN Joseph V. Olszewski SP4 James O. Olzer
CPL Richard A. Oman PFC Peter R. Ommen CPL Harry S. Oneto
PFC Daniel L. Oney CPL Jesse J. Onishea SGT Fruto J. Oquendo
2LT William D. Ordway SGT Joseph A. Oreto SP4 Charles F. Orlowski
1LT Hedwig D. Orlowski SP4 Dennis A. Ormond 1LT Dean R. Orn
PFC Jack M. Ornelas SP4 Victor M. Ornelas-Arellano SP4 Andrew J. Orosz
CWO John T. Orrico PFC John G. Orsino A1C Charles D. Orsua
SSG Jacob Ortiz SSG John Ortiz PFC Pedro M. Ortiz
CPL Anibal Ortiz-Rivera 1LT Douglas G. Orvis SP4 David T. Orwig
CPL Tommy E. Osbon CPL Amos R. Osborne PFC Charles E. Osborne
SSG David W. Osborne LCPL Donald R. Osborne SP4 Fred H. Osburn
SGT John G. Osterhous CPT William H. Ostermeyer PFC Alfredo Ostolazo-Maldonado
SP4 Morris E. Ostrander SFC Antonio R. Osuna SP4 John S. Otake
PFC Sherman E. Otis ADJ1 Edward L. Ott AN Wayne H. Ott
PFC Kenneth M. Otte LCPL Richard L. Otte SGT Stanley J. Ottmar
SN David G. Ouellet SGT Albert A. Outwater LTC John F. Overlock
HM3 David D. Overstreet PFC William L. Overstreet SP4 Wince I. Overton
PFC Higinio O. Oviedo CPL David E. Ovist MSG Chester M. Ovnand
SP5 Dean G. Owen PFC Larry J. Owen SFC Robert D. Owen
SSG Timothy S. Owen PFC Gary L. Owens MAJ Jack C. Owens
PFC Jerry L. Owens AMHC Richard L. Owens CPL Rodney G. Oxendine
PFC Willie F. Oxendine MAJ James E. Oxley CWO James D. Ozbun
PFC Islam Ozger

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