The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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1LT Emil J. Naasz PFC Larry D. Naasz WO Carl Nacca
SP5 David J. Nachtigall PVT Harold B. Nadeau SP4 Timothy M. Nafe
SP4 Carl D. Nagengast SSG Steven Nagy PFC Donald A. Nahodil
CPL Gary D. Nail PFC Adam S. Najar SP4 Michael S. Nakashima
SSG Masashi Nakashimo PFC Jimmy D. Nakayama CPT John L. Nalls
SSG Shirl B. Nance SP4 Charles C. Napper LCPL George A. Nash
PFC James R. Nash PFC Patrick H. Natale SP4 John R. Naughton
CPT Michael R. Nawrosky SP4 Arturo A. Nazabal SGT Dennie Neace
MAJ Dennis P. Neal SFC Edward L. Neal CPL John H. Neal
SP4 Johnny L. Neal SP4 Kenneth L. Neal RM3 Ronald K. Neal
PFC William R. Neal SGT Tommy R. Nealis PFC John R. Neary
PFC Herbert J. Nece SFC Franklin W. Neel PFC Dan L. Neely
LCPL Larry J. Nehring LCPL Alexander D. Neibauer 1LT Daniel L. Neiswender
MAJ William L. Nellans PFC Daniel E. Nelms LCPL Daniel A. Nelson
PFC Daniel E. Nelson PFC Daniel R. Nelson LCPL David B. Nelson
FN Eugene Nelson LCPL Fred A. Nelson SSG James R. Nelson
SGT John E. Nelson EM2 John T. Nelson SP4 Lewis C. Nelson
HN Noel S. Nelson PFC Richard W. Nelson LCPL Robert J. Nelson
1LT Roy L. Nelson WO Scott T. Nelson SP4 William D. Nelson
PFC Michael Nemeth 1LT Kenneth J. Nervie CPL Lester M. Ness
PFC Michael L. Ness 1LT David J. Nesset PFC Frank R. Nestor
PFC Ronald M. Neuman CPL Terry J. Neumeier CPT Ted P. Neura
SP4 William P. Neutzling SP4 Robert M. Newberg CPT Wayne E. Newberry
SP5 Boyd K. Newbold LT Michael T. Newell SGT Tim E. Newell
AA James E. Newkirk WO Allen T. Newman MAJ Erman M. Newman
PFC Robert N. Newman SGT Stanley V. Newman PFC William L. Newsome
PFC Thomas E. Newstead LTC Van H. Newville 1LT Douglas E. Nichols
SP4 James W. Nichols MAJ Max E. Nichols SP4 Richard A. Nichols
CPT Thomas E. Nichols PFC David L. Nicholson LCPL James A. Nicholson
PVT Bradford S. Nickerson PFC Gilbert R. Nickerson 1LT Michael K. Nickerson
PFC Gilbert M. Nicklas MAJ David F. Nidever PFC Raymond A. Niedecken
PFC Magnus C. Nielsen CPL Robert Nielsen SP5 Roland A. Nielsen
PFC David Nieves SGT Ronald L. Niewahner PFC Timothy J. Nightengale
PFC Eric B. Nilsen CPL Amelio Nino SP4 Robert M. Nix
CPL John R. Noble PFC Floyd R. Noe CPL George H. Noe
SGT Marvin L. Noe SGT Daniel M. Noeldner 1LT David A. Nolan
CPT Joseph P. Nolan SP5 Paul M. Nolen PFC Gary E. Noles
PFC Lee R. Nolley SP4 Toivo B. Nomm CPL John M. Noonan
LCPL Thomas P. Noonan LTC Robert G. Nopp PFC Gordon J. Norman
1LT Marion H. Norman CPT Thomas W. Norman PFC Billy R. Norris
SSG James R. Norris 2LT John A. Norris SSG Otis L. Norris
SP4 Robert N. Norris PFC Thomas A. Norris SP5 William T. Norris
CPL Rollie M. Northouse SP4 James L. Northrop HM2 Gerald O. Norton
LTJG Kenneth D. Norton CPL Ronnie L. Noseff SP4 Ivan Noteboom
PFC Edward J. Novak CPL Michael J. Novak SP4 George D. Novakovic
CPL Carmine Novembre WO Glenn E. Nowakowski CPL Robert P. Nowicki
SP4 Fletcher J. Nowlin LCPL Richard A. Nuber 1LT C G. Nuckles
PFC James L. Nufer PFC Richard F. Nugent SGT Rudolph A. Nunez
A1C Ronald W. Nute CPL Avery M. Nye PFC Harold C. Nye
TSGT Richard E. Nyhof LTJG Lawrence F. Nyman CAPT Bruce A. Nystrom
LCPL Michael D. Nystul CPT William C. Nystul

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