The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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CWO Martin L. Taber SP5 Everett L. Tabor SSG Clarence E. Tackett
CPL Emil J. Tadevich PFC Frank Tafoya PFC Joseph E. Tafoya
SGT Mark A. Tafoya 2LT Robert E. Taft PFC Johnny R. Tagman
CPL Nicholas A. Tague PFC Theodore N. Takacs CPL James F. Talbott
SGT Raymond T. Talburt LCDR George F. Talken SP5 Floyd G. Talley
BGEN Richard J. Tallman HM3 Joseph E. Tamagnini PFC John R. Tamburri
SP4 Noe Tamez SP4 Richard D. Tamm CPL William D. Tammen
PFC Michael G. Tandy 2LT James L. Tangeman PFC Alan M. Tanguay
CPT Miles T. Tanimoto SP4 James E. Tankersley LCpl Donald J. Tanner
SP5 Raymond M. Tanner LCPL John M. Tanney COL Marshall L. Tapp
PFC Ernesto Tarango LCPL Magdaleno Tarango 1LT John E. Tarantowicz
LCPL Victor Tarasuk PVT William M. Tarbell ENS Ronald E. Tardio
1LT James C. Tarkenton PFC Curtis R. Tarkington SP4 Carlos L. Tartt
HM3 John C. Tate SGT Kenneth W. Tate CPL Lyle S. Tate
SGT Richard L. Tate SP4 Tony L. Tate SGT Joseph S. Tatum
SP4 Danny J. Taulbee SP5 Gary W. Tawney LCPL Anthony Taylor
CPL Billy J. Taylor 1LT Clyde D. Taylor PFC Daniel M. Taylor
1LT David E. Taylor CPL David S. Taylor SGT David T. Taylor
PFC Dennis W. Taylor SSG Edward E. Taylor PFC Emory L. Taylor
PFC Ernest R. Taylor SP5 Frederick W. Taylor CPL Geoffrey R. Taylor
CPT George T. Taylor SP4 Glenn D. Taylor PFC Harry E. Taylor
SP4 Harry E. Taylor WO James A. Taylor LCPL James P. Taylor
PFC James R. Taylor SP4 Larry G. Taylor CPL Lee R. Taylor
PFC Louis A. Taylor PFC Mark A. Taylor SP4 Mark R. Taylor
CWO Michael G. Taylor SGT Philip C. Taylor LCPL Ralph L. Taylor
CPL Robert T. Taylor SGT Rodney A. Taylor SGT Rodney E. Taylor
WO Selvwyn R. Taylor PFC Terry L. Taylor CPT William H. Taylor
PFC James A. Tazelaar PFC Bruce E. Teague PFC George B. Tear
CPL Daniel C. Tedrow LCPL Gary A. Teeter PFC John H. Teetor
SP4 David L. Teich CPL Timothy M. Tellefsen SP4 Joaquin R. Tello
CPT Donald L. Templeton PFC Gary D. Templeton LCDR Erwin B. Templin
COL Anthony J. Tencza SP4 Fiatele T. Teo SSG Refugio T. Teran
SGT Walter A. Terlecki SN James M. Termini CPL William L. Terrell
CPT Condon H. Terry SSG Eddie T. Terry PFC Michael D. Terry
PFC Ralph P. Terry 2LT Robert I. Terry SFC Thomas L. Terry
LCPL Virgil B. Terwilliger LCPL Bernard A. Teske SA Richard C. Tessman
PFC Richard Testa SP5 Fredrick A. Thacker CPT Harry L. Thain
PFC Neal R. Thalin CPL Paul A. Tharp HM3 Terry E. Tharp
A1C John M. Thayer PFC Clayton J. Theyerl SP5 Richard G. Thibault
SSG John L. Thibeault PFC David P. Thibodeau PFC Allan C. Thibou
SGT Willie J. Thigpen HM3 Michael J. Thirkettle WO Theodore V. Thoman
SP4 Algernon P. Thomas PFC Bruce M. Thomas HMC Charles E. Thomas
ENS Darwin J. Thomas CPL Elmer W. Thomas CPL Isiah Thomas
SGT Jack Thomas SSG James C. Thomas TSGT James R. Thomas
CPL James R. Thomas SGT Johnie B. Thomas 1SG Jonathon E. Thomas
PFC Lewis M. Thomas SP5 Matthew A. Thomas LCPL Michael J. Thomas
YN3 Norman A. Thomas CPT Robert J. Thomas SP4 Rufus A. Thomas
PFC Theodore D. Thomas FN Toby A. Thomas SSG William A. Thomas
SFC Billy A. Thompson SGT Bruce W. Thompson CPL Donald W. Thompson
SP5 Gerald R. Thompson CPL Jerrald R. Thompson SGT Jim A. Thompson
SSG John W. Thompson PFC Joseph W. Thompson LCPL Karl L. Thompson
CPL Lawrence C. Thompson AE1 Melvin C. Thompson CPT Michael K. Thompson
SP4 Peter G. Thompson PFC Philip B. Thompson BM3 Robert A. Thompson
1LT Thomas D. Thompson CPL Thomas M. Thompson SGT Tommy R. Thompson
SP4 Veney E. Thompson PFC Wayland K. Thompson PFC William B. Thompson
COL William J. Thompson CPL Robert B. Thomson SP4 Lester J. Thornell
LCPL Curtis F. Thornton SP5 Frank Thornton SGT John T. Thornton
CMS Larry C. Thornton SGT Rodney G. Thornton PFC Terry L. Thornton
1LT David A. Thorpe PFC David L. Thorpe PFC Fred R. Thorpe
PFC Armand R. Thouvenell PFC George E. Threats LTJG Richard C. Thum
LCPL Richard G. Thunman SGT Raymond D. Thurman SSG Richard A. Thursby
2LT Clair H. Thurston PFC Bruce H. Tibbetts CPL Donny G. Tidwell
CPL Earl C. Tidwell SP4 Joseph T. Tiefenthaler SFC Edward L. Tieman
PFC Kenneth P. Tierney SP5 David L. Tiffany PFC John M. Tiffany
LTC Lee M. Tigner CPT Albert Tijerina PFC Ralph G. Till
PFC Paul R. Tilleman SP4 Robert A. Tillquist PFC Lane A. Tilson
1LT Arthur R. Timboe CWO David W. Timm RM3 Bruce A. Timmons
PFC James M. Timmons PFC Alfred Timms PFC Jose A. Tinajero
SP4 Daniel W. Tindle SP4 Kenneth W. Tingle SGT John C. Tingley
LCPL Thomas J. Tingley SN George D. Tinko SGT Donald W. Tinney
CPL Johnny M. Tinney WO Eugene S. Tinnin SGT Lenny M. Tippets
SGT Timothy T. Tipton PFC Homer E. Tischler LTC John C. Tobias
CPL Francis V. Todarello MSG Jimmie L. Todd 1LT John A. Todd
SGT Larry R. Todd PVT Robert J. Todd CM1 Milford M. Tognazzini
SSG Paul E. Tolbert SP4 Thomas A. Toledo SSG Robert W. Toler
2LT Richard R. Tolette SSG Jimmy E. Tolliver PFC Ted N. Tolzmann
SP5 George W. Tom PFC James R. Tomakoski CPT Arthur Tomaschek
PFC Stanley R. Tomasovic SP4 Ernest G. Tompkins SGT Richard E. Toney
PFC George E. Tongen SP4 Mark E. Tonti MAJ Samuel K. Toomey
CPL Francis I. Toops PFC Robert W. Toreson LCPL Thomas J. Tori
SP4 Jose M. Toro LTC James E. Torrence SP4 Manuel V. Torres
SGT Robert Torres PFC Jose R. Torres-Rodriguez PVT Antonio T. Tosa
CPT Donald B. Toth LCPL Ronald C. Toth PFC Kenneth R. Totten
PSGT Delbert C. Totty PFC Foster J. Touart PFC Gearwin P. Tousey
CPT Herman T. Towery 1LT Morton E. Townes LCPL Cyril H. Townley
PFC James E. Townley CWO Burdette D. Townsend PFC Edward L. Towslee
CPL Gary D. Tracy SSG John W. Tracy PVT Dorris W. Trainer
SGT Johnny W. Trainham PFC Paul W. Trainor LCPL Rodger L. Trammell
LT Frederick E. Trani SGT Crawford H. Traver PFC Wallace O. Travers
PFC Jose A. Travieso CPL James L. Travis CPL Edwin R. Travnicek
SGT Eugene D. Treadwell MAJ Millard L. Treadwell SFC Charles N. Tredinnick
LTC James A. Treece SP4 Larry P. Tregre PFC Curtis L. Tremaine
PFC James A. Tremblay PFC Patrick J. Tremblay CPT Alan R. Trent
LCPL Esteban A. Trevino PFC Rudolph R. Trevino PFC Jerry A. Trezek
CPL James M. Trimble CPT Larry A. Trimble SP4 Tommy L. Trimble
SP5 David A. Trinkala CPL Dennis R. Tripp PFC Gerald F. Trittschuh
CPL Steve M. Trivelpiece MAJ Edwin N. Troxel PFC Donald R. Troxell
CPL Michael J. Troyan SSGT Stanley E. Truesdale BMC Quincy H. Truett
SGT Gabriel Trujillo PVT Paul Trujillo CPL Richard T. Trujillo
LCPL Darrell L. Trumble PFC James E. Trushaw PFC Robert G. Tschumper
PFC Peter Tsirovasiles PVT Edwin F. Tubbs MAJ Robert L. Tucci
BM2 Hubert Tuck CPL James W. Tuck PFC Arthur L. Tucker
CPT Charles G. Tucker SP4 Gerald A. Tucker CPL James E. Tucker
CPL Kenneth W. Tucker SSG Michael R. Tucker PFC Otto D. Tucker
CPL Robert L. Tuell SSG Lonnie J. Tullier MAJ Walter B. Tully
LCPL Guyler N. Tulp SGT Stanley W. Tunall LTJG Franklin M. Tunick
PFC Jackie A. Tuohy CWO Daniel J. Turcotte CPL Benjamin R. Turiano
SP5 Joseph M. Turk SP4 Arthur J. Turkstra CPT Morvan D. Turley
CPL Justin G. Turnbull 1LT Robert C. Turnbull SGT Anderson Turner
SGT Arthur Turner PFC Arthur T. Turner PFC Charles H. Turner
SP5 Clarence S. Turner SP5 Claude T. Turner PFC Jeffrey A. Turner
SSG John H. Turner WO John M. Turner PFC Johnny C. Turner
PFC Kelton R. Turner PFC Michael B. Turner SGT Robert J. Turner
1SG Robert L. Turner SP4 Stephen F. Turner CPL Van S. Turner
SP4 William C. Turner CPL Donald A. Turso SP4 Stephen E. Turzilli
1LT Nelson P. Tuttle PFC Kevin E. Tweedle CWO Vernon R. Tweedy
HN Gene L. Twehous PFC Daniel R. Twitty SSG Gerald J. Tworek
SGT James N. Tycz PFC Mark D. Tyler PFC Robert E. Tyner
PFC Walter J. Type HM2 Walter R. Tyrrell PFC Clifford E. Tyson
SP4 Edward M. Tyszka

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