The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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SGT Clinton B. Fackrell SGT Douglas G. Factora SSG Charles E. Faggett
PFC William P. Fahey SGT Richard L. Fahrenbruch CWO Arthur C. Faircloth
SGT Henry F. Faircloth SSG Johnnie W. Faircloth SGT Julius C. Faircloth
SGT Everson B. Faison PFC Walter D. Faith CPT John P. Falcone
CPT Harold J. Faldermeyer LCPL Frederick J. Falk PFC Anthony J. Familiare
PFC Daniel R. Fankboner MAJ Hugh M. Fanning SGT Thomas G. Fanning
SGT Russell T. Fant CPL Kenneth R. Farden SGT Roger W. Farewell
LCPL Guido Farinaro SP4 David L. Farley SP4 Gary L. Farley
SP4 Bobby G. Farmer SSG Charlie W. Farmer LCPL Jon M. Farner
SP4 Jere D. Farnow SGT Errold R. Farrar ABHC Gerald W. Farrier
CPT Robert D. Farrington SSGT Dale W. Farris 1LT Dennis C. Farris
1LT Gary B. Farris CPL James E. Farrow CPL William H. Farvour
CPL Gary C. Fassel CPL Eric R. Fassitt PFC Roger T. Fast
PFC Elmer L. Faulkner SGT James T. Faulkner CPL Larry A. Faulkner
PFC Larry F. Faulkner SP5 Troy D. Faulkner 1LT Louis A. Favuzza
SP4 Ernest E. Fawks SP5 Michael A. Fay CDR Robert J. Fay
CPL James D. Fazzino SGT Guy V. Fearn PFC Richard A. Featherstone
SGT Peter Fedasch SP4 Peter F. Fegatelli PFC Terry G. Fegely
CPL Wayne O. Feinauer HN Christian F. Feit SFC James C. Fekete
SSG Raymond G. Feld CDR John A. Feldhaus SP4 Thomas V. Feldhaus
CPL Barry E. Feldmann LCPL Noel J. Feliciano SGT David W. Felkner
SGT Roger W. Fellers COL Allen E. Fellows PFC Louis E. Fenceroy
CPL Joel D. Fendley PFC Gregory S. Fennimore MSGT Charles F. Fenter
SSG James W. Fenton CPL Thomas P. Fenush 1LT John A. Fera
SGT Edward P. Ference SSG Blaine M. Ferguson PFC Edward K. Ferguson
PFC Gary S. Ferguson PFC Lynn M. Ferguson RD1 Michael L. Ferguson
CPL Peter C. Ferguson LCPL Ralph Ferguson SSG Robert F. Ferguson
PFC Thomas W. Ferguson PFC Whitney T. Ferguson CPT William E. Ferguson
SP4 Daniel Fernandez 1LT Gary D. Fernandez PFC James T. Fernandez
SFC Margarito Fernandez CPL Reynaldo S. Fernandez PFC Robert S. Fernandez
CPL Curtiss Fernhoff WO Ronald M. Fero CPL John R. Ferrazzano
SP4 Russell E. Ferrebee WO Robert C. Ferris SP4 Philip A. Ferro
SP5 David L. Ferry LCPL Ray L. Ferry PFC Larry S. Fetherolf
PFC Frank Fettuccia SP5 Glenn T. Fey CPT Edwin J. Fickler
SP4 Roy E. Fickling PVT Stephano J. Fiducioso LCPL Johnny P. Fiechter
MAJ Michael F. Field SSG Calvin Fielder PFC Daniel L. Fields
PVT Jerry Fields CPT Robert W. Fields SSG Ronald E. Fields
PFC Glen A. Fiester PFC James H. Fife PFC John C. Fiffe
SP5 Fernando Figueroa SSG Ronald E. Fike SGT Thomas E. Fike
PFC John C. Filippi CPT Donald J. Fillers HN Richard C. Fina
PFC Fordham E. Finch SP4 John W. Finch HN Cecil F. Fincher
LCPL Jack W. Finchum PFC Robert D. Findley WO Stephen P. Finke
CPL Kenneth I. Finkel PFC Charles R. Finley LCPL Michael P. Finley
MAJ Charles E. Finney SGT Anthony M. Firak PFC Michael B. First
PFC Gregory W. Fischer GSGT Richard W. Fischer SGT Glenn C. Fish
LCPL Joseph K. Fish SP5 Jay J. Fishbeck CPL Frank C. Fisher
PSGT James L. Fisher 1LT Barry K. Fisk LCPL Philip Fitch
PFC Ronald J. Fitch LTC Crosley J. Fitton 1LT Charles M. Fitts
PFC Gerald L. Fitts LT William C. Fitzgerald LCPL Timothy G. Fitzmaurice
PFC Michael T. Fitzpatrick WO Patrick G. Fitzsimmons PFC Gary B. Flabbi
SGT Ralph S. Fladger PFC Richard J. Flagiello CPT William J. Flahive
LTC Sherman E. Flanagan 1LT Leon D. Flanders SP4 Michael E. Flannery
SGT Charles C. Fleek SP4 Duncan H. Fleming MAJ Horace H. Fleming
LCPL Patrick J. Fleming SGT Paul D. Fleming PFC Raymond E. Fleming
CPT Richard A. Fleming PFC Kenneth J. Fletcher PFC Randall S. Fletcher
SGT Robert M. Fletcher LCPL James E. Flickinger SP4 James H. Flickinger
SSG William N. Flint SP4 Michael H. Flood SGT Larry V. Flora
1LT Dexter B. Florence CPL Daniel P. Flores PFC Florentino Flores
LCPL Raul Flores CPL Richard J. Flores SGT Robert L. Flores
SP4 Jeffery D. Flournoy CPL Milton E. Flowers CPL Ralph E. Flowers
CPL Garland D. Floyd SP4 Lonnie A. Floyd PSGT Melvin F. Floyd
SSG Paul E. Floyd SGT Frederick H. Flynn LCPL Gary F. Flynn
CPT George E. Flynn SGT Michael F. Flynn PFC Raymond P. Flynn
SP4 Raymond C. Foerster LCPL David E. Fogg PFC Lary D. Fogle
CPL Thomas Folden COL Brendan P. Foley LCPL John J. Foley
LCPL Martin F. Foley PFC Robert J. Foley PFC Robert P. Foley
SGT La Voughn H. Folkers SGT William E. Follon SP4 Peter F. Fonda
HN Chester J. Fontenot SGT Walter B. Foote SGT Michael Forbes
SP4 Rodger D. Force SGT Bob W. Ford SGT Freddie D. Ford
LCPL Kenneth A. Ford LCDR Omar R. Ford CDR Randolph W. Ford
LTC Wallace A. Ford SSG James L. Fore 2LT John W. Foreman
SP4 Duane G. Forgette SP4 Robert W. Forkl SGT Dennis R. Forney
A1C Lawrence B. Forrester CPT Ronald W. Forrester LTC Gary H. Fors
SP4 James R. Fortenberry WO Robert G. Fortin LCDR Frederick J. Fortner
WO John L. Fortner SP4 Rodger L. Fortune LCPL Duane J. Foss
SFC Albert D. Foster CPL John M. Foster PVT Lawrence E. Foster
LTC Marvin L. Foster PFC Marvin R. Foster SGT Paul H. Foster
SSGT Robert E. Foster CWO Paul J. Foti LT Ralph E. Foulks
PFC James W. Fous PFC Michael T. Foust SSG Kenneth L. Foutz
PFC Claudie Fowler LTC James A. Fowler CPL Larry L. Fowler
SGT Thomas L. Fowler SGT Bernard L. Fox 2LT Richard H. Fox
PFC Thomas J. Fox LCPL Steven J. Foy LCPL Douglas M. Fracker
PFC George L. Fragua MAJ Lawrence J. Frahman PFC Kenneth M. Frain
SP4 Robert L. Frakes LCPL John F. Francavilla PFC Richard W. France
CPL Carris M. Francis SSG James P. Francis CPL John P. Francis
CPT John V. Francis SFC Frank A. Frangella WO Richard W. Frank
CPL Arlin D. Franken LCPL Jackie Frankenstein CPL Philip R. Frankiewicz
CPT Eugene D. Franklin PFC John H. Franklin SGT Marvin L. Franklin
EN3 Albert M. Fransen SGT Ronald M. Fraser 1LT Gary D. Frasher
AA Joseph E. Frasher SGT George H. Frazee AN Johnnie L. Frazier
SGT Paul R. Frazier SP4 Terry A. Frechette SSG Clifton Frederick
PFC Lamar D. Frederick HT2 Earl W. Frederickson CPL Paul L. Frederickson
CPL Brian R. Fredrick SP5 Johnny W. Free LTC Troit D. Freeland
SP4 Richard B. Freeman MSG Rube A. Freeman SP4 Robert R. Fregia
PFC Melvin J. Freise LCPL Douglas R. French PFC Herbert E. Frenzell
CPL Jesse C. Frey SP4 William A. Frey SP4 William J. Frey
SP4 Glenn M. Friddle SN Gary W. Friedmann SP4 Richard A. Friend
CPL Daniel L. Fries CPL Danny J. Fries PFC Michael K. Friese
SGT Robert J. Frisk CPL Alvin R. Fritz SP4 George W. Froe
WO John R. Frongillo CPL William J. Frossard CWO Bobby G. Frost
PFC Carlton A. Frost CPL Dana S. Frost SP4 Robert D. Frost
SP4 George H. Fry LCPL Stephen M. Fry LT Bruce C. Fryar
WO Kevin M. Frye 1LT Bennie L. Fryer PFC William A. Fuchs
SP5 Antonio M. Fuentes SGT Donald S. Fujimoto LCPL Jimmy D. Fulford
PFC Edward B. Fulgham SP4 Joe H. Fulgham CPT Joe R. Fulghum
SP4 Robert A. Fulkerson 1LT Roger A. Fulkerson PFC Charles E. Fulks
SP5 Lawrence L. Fullaway PFC Dennis E. Fuller PVT James E. Fuller
PFC Joel Fuller SP5 John F. Fuller 2LT John L. Fuller
MAJ William O. Fuller TSGT Glen L. Fullerton SP5 Kenneth L. Fulton
SGT Emmons E. Funk PFC Gary F. Funn CPL Joseph E. Funston
LCPL James H. Furr SFC William R. Furr CPL Robert E. Fuss
SP4 John A. Futo

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