The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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SGT James D. Aalund SP4 Charles E. Aaron PFC Eugene A. Aaron
CPL Richard C. Abbate SGT John B. Abbatemarco SP4 Carroll D. Abbott
PFC Denis E. Abbott CPT Charles F. Abene CPT William F. Abernethy
PFC George W. Abey SP4 Daniel T. Abney SGT James J. Abraham
CPL Gary L. Abrahamson 1LT Arthur J. Abramoff LCPL John A. Abrams
COL Lewis H. Abrams SP4 Anthony J. Abruzese PFC Robert A. Abruzese
SGT Richard F. Abshire LCPL James P. Achterhoff PFC John R. Ackerman
PFC Walter J. Ackwood SSG Ewell E. Acord SP4 John W. Acosta
PFC Roger L. Acree HN David A. Acton SMS John Q. Adam
CPL Rowland J. Adamoli PFC Dwight L. Adams SGT Erhard J. Adams
SSG Harlan F. Adams SP4 James E. Adams LCPL John T. Adams
CPL Kenneth S. Adams PFC Lee C. Adams CPL Philip F. Adams
SP4 Richard L. Adams LCPL Roger D. Adams SGT Ronald M. Adams
PFC Russell B. Adams CMS Samuel Adams MSGT Steven H. Adams
PFC Ted W. Adams CPL William Adams SGT William C. Adams
CPL William R. Adams SP4 Dennis J. Adamski LCPL Ronnie D. Adcox
SP4 Royce L. Addington LCPL John E. Addison SP4 Carl E. Adkins
CPL James D. Adkins CPL John Adkins CPL Terry L. Adkins
LCPL Larry E. Adolf CPT Joseph D. Adrian CWO David K. Aeschliman
SP4 Timothy C. Agard SGT James W. Agnew PFC Pedro R. Aguilar
LCPL Reimundo Aguilar PFC Rudolph R. Aguilar PSGT Jose Q. Aguon
SP4 Raymond J. Ahern SGT Thomas O. Ahlberg 2LT Heinz Ahlmeyer
PFC Robert E. Ahlstrom CPT William J. Ahlum SGT William L. Aiken
SSGT David E. Aili SP4 George V. Airey CPL Donald W. Akins
SGT James F. Akins CPT Vesa J. Alakulppi CPL William K. Alameda
MSG Gabriel R. Alamo SP4 Raymond Alaniz CPL Paul E. Albano
SGT Francis J. Alberts SP4 Terry R. Albright PFC Michael E. Alderson
SP4 Terry H. Alderson CPL Lilo E. Aldous SGT John H. Aldrich
PFC Robert J. Alert SP4 Kenneth E. Aleshire PFC Ronald L. Aleshire
CPL Bobby R. Alexander SP4 David H. Alexander CPT David L. Alexander
CPT Eleanor G. Alexander PSGT J H. Alexander CWO James H. Alexander
SP4 James P. Alexander SP4 Robert Alexander PFC Robert D. Alexander
PFC Robert S. Alexander LCPL John Alfonso CWO Terry L. Alford
SGT Antonio L. Alho PFC Robert Alicea COL Richard K. Allee
CPL Anthony Allen PFC Bruce J. Allen 2LT Dale C. Allen
PFC Dan S. Allen WO David M. Allen PVT Gary C. Allen
PFC James J. Allen CPL John B. Allen PFC Larry M. Allen
SP4 Mark E. Allen CPL Paul J. Allen 1LT Richard C. Allen
SP4 Robert E. Allen LCPL Ronald P. Allen CPL Roy Allen
CPL Terry Allen LTC Terry D. Allen SGT William J. Allen
1LT William T. Allen HN Milton R. Allerby PFC Douglas D. Alley
LTC Frankie E. Allgood SP4 Arthur R. Allison SP4 Darrell G. Allison
SP4 Sam S. Allison CPT Barry K. Allmond TSGT Clyde D. Alloway
PFC John J. Almanza GSGT Juan Almanza Cpl Pablo Almanza
MSG Samuel Almendariz LCPL Luis A. Altamira SP4 Rodney E. Althoff
LCPL Guadalupe M. Alvarez SGT Elias Alvarez-Buzo SP4 Robert W. Alverson
PFC Roy G. Alvis 1LT Harry L. Alway LCPL Ray E. Alwine
PFC Mark T. Amann SP4 Samuel D. Amantea SP5 Matthew P. Amaral
SP4 Richard D. Ambruso WO James K. Ameigh CPT James J. Amendola
PFC Thomas R. Ames CPL David J. Amheiser 2LT William R. Ammon
PSGT Joe Amos MAJ Thomas H. Amos SP4 Russell M. Amoss
SGT Herbert F. Amrhein LT Robert L. Anders LCPL Alfred E. Anderson
SP4 Charles E. Anderson 2LT Clinton R. Anderson SP4 David B. Anderson
PFC David B. Anderson PFC David M. Anderson PFC David P. Anderson
SGT Francis A. Anderson WO Franklin V. Anderson SGT George J. Anderson
SSGT Gregory L. Anderson 2LT Jack H. Anderson PFC James Anderson
SGT James B. Anderson PFC James D. Anderson SSG James H. Anderson
SP4 John A. Anderson PFC John H. Anderson CWO John S. Anderson
1LT Kent S. Anderson PFC Larry Anderson SP4 Millard R. Anderson
LCPL Mitchell L. Anderson SGT Norman R. Anderson LCPL Phillip R. Anderson
PFC Richard L. Anderson SSG Roy L. Anderson WO Terrance W. Anderson
SGT Von S. Anderson COL Warren L. Anderson PFC William M. Anderson
SP4 Glenn U. Andreotta LCPL Victor P. Andreozzi CPL Scott F. Andresen
LCPL Dennis R. Andrew CPT George R. Andrews SP4 Horace Andrews
CPT Robert P. Andrews PVT Wilbert I. Andrews PFC William A. Andrews
LCPL William L. Andrews LTC William R. Andrews SGT Willis N. Andrews
HM3 William G. Andrus PFC Francis H. Andrysiak PFC John R. Aneli
SGT Bruce F. Anello SP4 Ronald E. Ange SGT Alan F. Angell
HMC Gerald D. Angelley LTC Ralph H. Angstadt PVT Clarence R. Angus
LCPL Charles D. Annis PFC Robin R. Annis MSG Robert A. Anspach
A1C Paul W. Anthony CPL Ward L. Anthony SGT Michael L. Antle
SGT James V. Antolini CPL Charles J. Antonelly SGT Catalino B. Antonio
CPL George F. Antonitis SGT Richard R. Antonovich SGT Gregory A. Antunano
SSGT Jose R. Aragon SP4 Rueben T. Aragon CWO Richard M. Arann
PFC Robert J. Araujo MAJ John C. Archbold PFC Dan W. Archer
MM2 Richard C. Archer LCPL Sanford K. Archer SFC Ray A. Archuletta
PSGT Henry Ard CWO Randolph J. Ard SP4 Reynaldo Arenas
SGT Kenneth J. Arent CPL Robert L. Argenti SP4 Nestor L. Argenzio
PFC Joseph A. Arimento 1LT Robert W. Armenio SP4 Rexie L. Armes
CPT Steven R. Armitstead WO Rocky D. Armstead GMC2 Billy S. Armstrong
GSGT Dean E. Armstrong LCPL Douglas W. Armstrong MAJ Frank A. Armstrong
COL John W. Armstrong CPL Kenneth D. Armstrong SGT Sherman F. Armstrong
SGT William P. Armstrong SP4 Craig A. Arndt PFC David B. Arnold
CPL Larry F. Arnold SGT Louis B. Arnold WO Phillip F. Arnold
SP4 Robert M. Arnold LCPL Robin L. Arnold SP5 Steven E. Arnold
LCDR William T. Arnold PFC David B. Arnott 1LT Richard M. Arnovitz
1LT Charles E. Aronhalt 2LT Michael L. Arrants PFC James O. Arrowood
PFC Richard T. Arthur CPL William P. Arthur CWO Timothy H. Artman
CPT Carl R. Arvin MAJ Benton F. Asbury SGT Ronnie E. Ash
LCDR Alan F. Ashall SGT Delmer V. Ashbrook PFC Alan Asher
CPL Frank L. Asher HM3 Aldon M. Asherman SSG Upton F. Ashley
PFC Willie F. Ashley SGT Carlos Ashlock LCPL John F. Ashman
AE1 Curtis M. Ashton PFC Edward V. Asip PFC Robert E. Askam
SF1 Glenn E. Asmussen PFC Frank W. Asp CPL William A. Aspinall
WO Jay S. Aston PFC Robert A. Ater SP4 John Atkins
SP4 Howard T. Atkinson LCPL Edward Atkucunas SGT Johnnie W. Ator
CPL Alan Attarian LTC Edwin L. Atterberry CPL Donald W. Atwell
PFC William A. Atwell SGT Otto W. Aue LCPL David O. Auen
PFC Frank J. August WO Roger M. Auld 2LT Earl D. Aull
CPL Daniel L. Ault CPL Eddie P. Austin CPL Glenn F. Austin
1LT Michael P. Austin SSG Victor L. Austin SGT William E. Austin
SP4 William K. Austin SGT James H. Autrey TSGT Allen J. Avery
GSGT John M. Avery CPT Robert D. Avery LCPL Jimmy A. Awalt
LCPL Joseph W. Axford CPL Charles D. Ayers SSG Darrell E. Ayers
PFC Harold G. Ayers SP5 Johnnie M. Ayers LCPL Lesley S. Ayers
COL Richard L. Ayers SP4 William H. Ayers MAJ Gerald F. Ayres
LTC James H. Ayres

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