The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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SSG John H. Waalen SGT James D. Waddell SGT Sammie W. Waddle
LCDR Barton S. Wade SP4 Frankie D. Wade SSG Robert L. Wade
PFC Thomas J. Wade PFC John F. Waden CPL Harry M. Wadsworth
SGT Hubert E. Waford SP4 Jesse F. Wages CPL Nicholas O. Wagman
SFC Dan Wagner SP4 Jerry L. Wagner PFC Richard A. Wagner
PFC Gary L. Waguespack SP4 Gerald J. Wahlen 1LT David B. Wainwright
LCPL Philip J. Wajda SP4 Ronald J. Walber CPL James L. Walden
SGT Travis G. Walden MSG Howard B. Waldron LTC Karl M. Waldron
PVT Ronald T. Waldrop LCPL Gordon D. Walensky SGT Bernard G. Walinski
CPT Bruce C. Walker SP4 Clark L. Walker SP4 Clifford W. Walker
MSG Evans S. Walker PFC James L. Walker CPT John D. Walker
SGT John J. Walker SP6 John R. Walker PFC M B. Walker
SGT Michael A. Walker SP4 Michael D. Walker CPT Michael S. Walker
CPT Ralph B. Walker SSG Randall E. Walker 1LT Richard H. Walker
AN George E. Wall PFC James N. Wall CPL John W. Wall
SFC Bartley A. Wallace SP4 Brian F. Wallace SGT George D. Wallace
WO John C. Wallace 1LT John T. Wallace SFC Michael J. Wallace
LTJG Richard C. Wallace WO William T. Wallace SGT James H. Waller
SP5 John B. Waller FN William Walling CPL Jerry F. Walls
SP4 John T. Walls SP4 Kenneth M. Walls CPL Thurman T. Walls
PVT William H. Walls PFC Charles S. Walsh CPT David W. Walsh
MAJ Francis A. Walsh COL Richard A. Walsh SSG Robert T. Walsh
SP4 Donald W. Walters CPT Donovan K. Walters PFC Gerald L. Walters
LCDR Jack Walters HN John B. Walters SSG Tim L. Walters
CPL Frank D. Walthers SFC Lewis C. Walton HN Larry T. Waltz
SP4 Louis J. Wandler PFC James M. Wandro CWO Donald L. Wann
SSG John P. Wanto PFC Carl R. Ward LCPL George R. Ward
CPL James C. Ward SP5 James H. Ward SGT James L. Ward
PFC John F. Ward SP5 Paul Ward SP4 Roger E. Ward
PFC Ronald R. Ward PFC Terry M. Ward SGT Theodore D. Ward
CPL Wayne L. Ward SSG John A. Ware MGEN Keith L. Ware
CPL Robert D. Ware MAJ George B. Waring PFC Carlisle O. Wark
SP4 Charles W. Warner SGT Thomas C. Warner EN3 Leonard C. Warnick
SP4 Michael G. Warnick SP4 Robert M. Warnock SGT Donald A. Warren
HN Galen E. Warren SFC John O. Warren SP4 Stephen E. Warren
MAJ Tommy R. Warren SGT William T. Warren CPL Duncan A. Warwick
LCPL Robert G. Washburn SP4 Arthur D. Washington SSG Clarence H. Washington
SP4 Glenn Washington PFC King D. Washington SSG Robert A. Washington
PFC Willie J. Washington SGT James R. Watanabe PFC Michael J. Waterman
SGT Michael R. Waters LCPL William W. Waters CPL Robert R. Watrous
SP4 Arthur Watson SP4 Gary E. Watson SP4 James F. Watson
SGT James T. Watson CWO Jimmy L. Watson LCPL Joseph M. Watson
PFC Sammie L. Watson 1LT William R. Watt MAJ Charles J. Watters
SGT Robert L. Watts SSG Schyler Watts PFC Theartis Watts
SGT Thomas R. Watts PFC William E. Watts CPT William S. Watts
CPL James H. Waulk MAJ Saul Waxman PFC Albert O. Wayman
SGT Ronald V. Wearmouth SP4 Jackie D. Weatherly CPL William B. Weathers
PFC Barry K. Weaver CPL James O. Weaver SSG Jerry M. Weaver
SGT Richard A. Weaver SGT Howard L. Webb LCPL Michael R. Webb
LCPL Robert J. Webb 2LT Theodore W. Webb CPL Virgil J. Webb
PFC William M. Webb SP4 Frederick C. Webber SP4 Scott S. Webber
PFC David F. Weber SP4 Patrick Weber PFC Terry L. Weber
SP4 Frank A. Webster SSG Michael W. Webster SP4 Rodney R. Weed
SP5 Clifford W. Weekley SP4 Gary L. Weekley SP4 Curtis M. Weeks
LCPL James J. Weest AME3 Gerald A. Wehde SGT Richard G. Weid
PFC Richard D. Weidner LCPL William P. Weimer LCDR Robert F. Weimorts
MSG Kenneth D. Weis SP4 William C. Weiss SP4 Robert L. Weisser
A1C Melvin O. Welborn PFC Jack A. Welch CPL Michael A. Welch
SGT Randall E. Welch PFC Richard W. Welch PFC Terry Welch
CPL Ralph A. Wellinghoff PFC Edward A. Wellings 1LT Benjamin G. Wells
SP4 Billy Wells SGT Connie V. Wells WO Edward W. Wells
SSG Gene G. Wells SP4 John C. Wells SP4 Kenneth W. Wells
CPL Roger O. Wells SP4 Tinsley J. Wells LCPL Lewis N. Welsh
SP4 Terry C. Welty PFC Donald R. Wentz GMG2 Mitchell A. Wentz
PFC Ralph M. Wentzel SP4 Gerald F. Wernsdorfer LCPL Gregory I. Werts
CPL Lester A. Wesighan CPL Michael D. Wessel PFC Steven A. Wessel
PFC Daniel G. Wessler SP4 Dallas A. West PFC Darrell C. West
SMAJ Donald F. West PFC Homer West LCPL James E. West
SGT Jerald D. West SP4 John M. West RD2 Kenneth P. West
SP4 Noel T. West LCPL Robert L. West SP4 Stanley E. West
LCPL Vincent D. Westberry COL Donald E. Westbrook MAJ Albert D. Wester
CPL Robert L. Westfall PFC Jimmy R. Westmoreland PVT James E. Weston
1LT Victor D. Westphall LCPL Theodore G. Weymouth CPL Garland G. Whalen
SP4 Michael C. Whalen SP4 Robert J. Whalen SP4 James G. Whaley
LCPL Roy M. Wheat LCPL Wendell R. Wheat PFC William G. Wheatley
LCPL James Wheaton WO Conrad J. Wheeler PFC Darrell E. Wheeler
SP6 James K. Wheeler SP4 Johnny C. Wheeler SGT Kennith W. Wheeler
SGT Louis G. Wheeler CPT Douglass T. Wheless CPL Jimmy R. Wheless
SP4 Raymond L. Whelpley CPT Harry T. Whetzel WO Tommy L. Whiddon
LCPL Clifford L. Whipple PFC Gary N. Whipple LCPL Fletcher D. Whips
SP4 Roger D. Whirlow SGT John W. Whisenant LTC Ermil L. Whisman
PFC James C. Whisnan PFC Kelly E. Whitaker SP4 Michael J. Whitaker
SGT Joe A. Whitby SP5 Alger L. White LCPL Allen E. White
SP4 Auldon K. White SP4 Donald N. White WO Donald R. White
CPL Eugene White CPL Gary R. White PFC Harold L. White
SGT James H. White SSG Kenneth L. White CPL Larry J. White
SP4 Marcus D. White SP4 Ralph E. White PFC Raymond A. White
CPL Robert H. White SGT Stephen O. White PFC Tommy R. White
CPL William S. White LCPL Jeff Whitehead PFC Rickey J. Whitehead
CPT William J. Whitehead 2LT David H. Whitehill CPL George D. Whitelaw
CPL Thomas M. Whitfield PFC Richard E. Whiting PFC Larry E. Whitington
SGT William C. Whitlatch PFC Jimmie D. Whitlock PFC Theodore J. Whitlock
HM3 Ronald D. Whitlow SGT Kenneth E. Whitmer SP4 Robert A. Whitney
PFC Robert W. Whitney PFC Jimmy A. Whitson SSG Harold C. Whittaker
CPT Richard L. Whitteker SP5 Teddy G. Whitton SSG Tracy L. Whoolery
LCPL Richard G. Wick CPL Jerry W. Wickam LCPL Henry R. Wicker
HM3 Robert L. Wickliffe PFC James E. Widener SSG Danny L. Widner
WO William W. Wieburg SP4 Donald D. Wielkopolan SP4 Michael B. Wier
1LT Robert P. Wiesneth CWO Ronald H. Wiggins SGT Stephan M. Wiggins
CPL Thomas W. Wiggins LCPL Tommy A. Wiggins SP4 David L. Wightman
BM3 Ernest W. Wiglesworth CPL Donald M. Wilbanks CPT Hilliard A. Wilbanks
LCPL Timothy M. Wilbanks SP4 Charles T. Wilcox CPL Raymond L. Wilcox
SGT Wayne A. Wilcox SP4 Stanley Wilenski SSG Roger D. Wilfong
SSGT Frederick Wilhelm SGT Henry J. Wilhelmi PFC Howard R. Wilhoit
1LT Henry O. Wilhoite SP4 Thomas J. Wilk PFC Junior Wilkerson
SSG John G. Wilkes SP4 Arthur W. Wilkie SP4 Allan F. Wilkins
LCPL Calvin W. Wilkins SP4 Michael L. Wilkins PFC Terry K. Wilkins
Capt Dennis E. Wilkinson SGT Donald A. Wilkinson PFC James L. Wilks
SSG William A. Will PFC Charles E. Willbanks 1LT Jimmy W. Willeford
SGT Robert L. Willett LTC Burr M. Willey PFC Peter R. Willey
SGT Alexander Williams CWO Bobby R. Williams CPL Craig E. Williams
SP4 Curtis F. Williams SP4 Curtis J. Williams SP4 Daniel E. Williams
HA Dennis N. Williams SP4 Edgar W. Williams SP4 Eric Williams
1LT Fredrick H. Williams SSG Howard E. Williams LCPL James E. Williams
SMS James E. Williams SMS James R. Williams SP4 James R. Williams
PFC Jimmie K. Williams PFC Johnny E. Williams PFC Kerry L. Williams
CPL Larry E. Williams SP4 Lawrence Williams PFC Leroy C. Williams
SP4 Lester Williams 1LT Maxie R. Williams PFC Michael W. Williams
SP4 Morris E. Williams CPL Norman P. Williams 1LT Ralph L. Williams
SP5 Randall L. Williams PFC Reginald Williams 2LT Reuben C. Williams
CPL Robert E. Williams SP4 Roger R. Williams SFC Roy C. Williams
PFC Theodore Williams 1LT Thomas E. Williams CPL Thomas J. Williams
SSG William C. Williams SFC James D. Williamson MAJ John C. Williamson
SP4 Larry A. Williamson CPL William C. Williamson GSGT Edward A. Willing
SP4 Eldon W. Willingham PFC Donnis G. Willis CPL James R. Willis
LCPL Raymond C. Willis CMS Earl C. Willoughby PFC Jesse L. Willoughby
SP5 Everett N. Wilsher PFC Alfred M. Wilson SSG Billie J. Wilson
2LT Carl R. Wilson SMC David A. Wilson 1LT David R. Wilson
SP4 David W. Wilson 1LT Donald M. Wilson SGT George A. Wilson
SSG Gerald L. Wilson MAJ Gordon S. Wilson SGT Harry T. Wilson
SP4 Jerry L. Wilson CPT John J. Wilson PFC John T. Wilson
SP4 Lavon S. Wilson PFC Lorne J. Wilson LCPL Michael Wilson
CWO Mickey A. Wilson SP5 Mickey L. Wilson PFC Norman R. Wilson
SFC Peter J. Wilson SP4 Phillip A. Wilson PFC Ray G. Wilson
LCPL Richard E. Wilson LCPL Robert B. Wilson PFC Ronald A. Wilson
SP4 Ronald K. Wilson CPL Wayne M. Wilson SSG Wayne V. Wilson
SP5 William D. Wilson PVT William N. Wilson JO1 William R. Wilson
1LT William R. Wilson SGT Willie G. Wilson HN Wilmer D. Wilson
SSG Arnold B. Wimberly CPT Gerald J. Winch SP5 John E. Windfelder
CPT Paul R. Windle PFC Johnnie P. Winfrey PFC James W. Winkles
PFC Brian C. Winner PSGT Clifton Winningham SP4 Jerry G. Winslow
CPL William O. Winston A1C Darryl G. Winters PFC Gene T. Winters
MAJ James C. Wise CPL James D. Wise SGT Richard M. Wise
CPL John S. Wiseman SP4 Gary Wisnier QM2 Richard L. Wissler
COL Robert C. Wistrand SP4 James G. Witham LCPL Kenneth L. Witham
WO Kenneth E. Witmer 2LT James P. Witt LCPL Michael R. Witt
SSG Gordon R. Wittman SGT John J. Witts PFC Robert W. Witty
PFC Raymond G. Witzig PFC Billy J. Witzkoski SFC William M. Wogan
LCPL Richard J. Wolcheski SSGT Durwyn L. Wolf SGT Jack M. Wolf
CPT Hiram M. Wolfe SSG Hulsa D. Wolfe SP5 Jack L. Wolfe
SP4 Jimmy R. Wolfe SP4 Thurman W. Wolfe 1LT William E. Wolfe
LCPL Edward J. Wolfendale SP4 Billara Wolford LCDR Donald J. Woloszyk
SSG Robert L. Womack SSG Bobby C. Wood PVT Calvin K. Wood
1LT Darrell G. Wood SP4 Delbert R. Wood COL Don C. Wood
PFC Donald C. Wood CPL James C. Wood SP4 Larry D. Wood
1LT Lester L. Wood CPL Melvin Wood 1LT Robert T. Wood
LCDR Walter S. Wood SP4 William L. Wood SGT William W. Wood
CPT Jerry R. Woodall CPL Wayne H. Woodard CPT Robert F. Woodhouse
SP5 Douglas M. Woodland CPL Stuart A. Woodman PFC Curtis S. Woods
SGT James R. Woods CPT Lawrence D. Woods SP4 Ray H. Woods
CPL William S. Woods CPT Michael L. Woodside SFC Douglas M. Woodward
PFC John H. Woody SP4 James H. Woolard PFC Jimmy L. Woolfolk
SGT Paul B. Woolford SP5 James N. Woolley SP4 Perry L. Woosley
LCDR John B. Worcester CPT Donald R. Workman PFC Glenn R. Workman
PFC Joseph M. Workman 1LT Lance D. Workman CPL Garry L. Worley
SGT Robert K. Worley SP4 Robert L. Worley CPL Stephen M. Worley
LCPL Chester E. Worman LCDR Paul L. Worrell SGT Robert M. Worshinski
CPL James F. Worth ADJ2 Robert E. Worth CPT Murray L. Wortham
HMC Robert L. Worthington SSG Kenneth W. Worthley MAJ Frederick J. Wozniak
SP4 David J. Woznicki SGT Jim A. Wray CPT Gerald Wrazen
CPL Larry C. Wrenn PFC Andrew S. Wright PFC Billy L. Wright
SP4 Bruce W. Wright LCPL Delbert P. Wright PFC Fred Y. Wright
CPL James E. Wright SP4 Kenneth H. Wright SP4 Michael D. Wright
SGT Michael L. Wright CPL Raymond E. Wright 2LT Robert C. Wright
2LT Robert E. Wright SP4 Robert F. Wright CPL Roderick M. Wright
PFC Silas C. Wright PFC Tommy D. Wright A2C Walter C. Wright
SFC Willie J. Wright CWO Walter F. Wrobleski 2LT John L. Wulffert
PFC Alvie C. Wyatt SFC Everett A. Wyatt PVT Donald C. Wyles
PFC Joseph D. Wylie LCPL Michael J. Wyman MAJ Gerard M. Wynn
LT David H. Wyrick PFC Mitchell B. Wysel

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