The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 07 APR 2008
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CWO Ben H. Ide CPL Garry L. Ihrig SP4 Ronald M. Iller
CPL John J. Illingworth PFC Douglas G. Impson HM3 Nathan L. Ingle
SGT Staret J. Ingleston 1LT John D. Ingrum SSG John D. Inguillo
PVT Phillip L. Inman SGT Raymond S. Inslee PFC Lorenzo J. Ioanni
SP4 Charles W. Irby PFC Elmer G. Ireland SP4 Earl E. Irving
PFC Lee Irving CPL William E. Irwin PFC James E. Isaac
SFC Milo C. Isaacs 1LT Milford D. Isaacson PFC Marshall H. Isbell
CWO Johnnie L. Ishmael HM3 Reid A. Isler CPT Dennis R. Isom
SP4 Ralph W. Israel SP4 Joel S. Ivey PFC Edward A. Iyndellin
SGT Archie H. Iyua CPT Phillips H. Izard

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Honoring our losses since 1997

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