Polecat and Tiger Shark were the radio call signs of the Huey slicks and gunships of the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company, US Army, during the Vietnam War. I, Jim Schueckler, carry the nickname "Polecat", as a tribute to the fine men I flew with and served with, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. You may share these stories as I wish to share them with you. They are my memories of those men and those times; some funny, some tearful, some scary.
All are true.
I Came to See My Son's Name   Download Printable RTF version
The Day it Snowed in Vietnam   Download: Printable RTF version
Little Green Bugs (short)    Download Printable RTF version
A Failed Night Ranger Extraction   Download Printable RTF version
Helicopter Flight School Class 68-519   Download Printable RTF version
One of Jim's patents: Cell phone with digital camera.

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SSG J. L. Antrich
ATC J. W. Aubin
Johnny O. Brooks
SP4 Johnson Coleman
David L. Deckard
David M. Desilets
ATR3 Clark D. Franklin
ATR3 Richard C. Hunt
SP4 Larry M. Kelly
AN Albert K. Kuewa
LT Walter A. Linzy
SP5 Gannon C. Milby, Jr
CPL Frank A. Neary
MSG Cornelius V. Spillane, Jr
SGT Charley V. Stanley
ATR3 Richard D. Stocker

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