The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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CPL David J. Caballero SSG Gilberto Caballero CPL James Cabarubio
SP5 James A. Cabral PFC Paul A. Cabral CPL Andy A. Cabrera
PFC Louis X. Cabrera SP4 Marceli Cabrera-Rodriguez LCPL John R. Cabrini
PFC Billy R. Caby SP5 Carl H. Caccia SP4 Domenico Cacciola
LCPL Edgardo Caceres SP4 Gary R. Cady SP4 James N. Cagley
WO Gerald A. Cahela SP4 Glynn T. Cahoon CPL Douglas M. Cain
CPL Frederick C. Cain CPL James C. Cain PFC James D. Cain
PFC Michael J. Cain CPL Robert E. Cain PFC William M. Cain
SGT Michael T. Calandrino SP4 Richard T. Calderon SGT Allen H. Caldwell
SFC Everette B. Caldwell PFC Gary L. Caldwell PFC Joe Caldwell
SSGT James M. Cale CPL Marshall L. Calender SFC Johnny C. Calhoun
PFC Cody R. Calkins SP5 Dana R. Call PFC Gerald L. Call
PFC Jimmy O. Call WO Charles L. Callahan SP4 Michael P. Callahan
SP4 Robert T. Callan SGT Lewis A. Callaway 1LT Michael R. Callaway
CPL Arthur A. Callister SSG Porter E. Calloway HN Frank V. Calzia
SFC Gregorio M. Camacho SP4 Joseph V. Camerlengo CPT James F. Cameron
A1C John I. Cameron SP4 Anthony V. Campaniello PFC Carlin M. Campbell
SGT David D. Campbell SP4 Donald A. Campbell PFC Edgar A. Campbell
CPL Jack E. Campbell SP4 Keith A. Campbell SGT Richard M. Campbell
PFC Ronald E. Campbell LCPL Ronald S. Campbell SWE3 Stanley C. Campbell
PFC Steve D. Campbell CPT Thomas E. Campbell PFC Tommie J. Campbell
COL William E. Campbell AE3 Francis Campeau SP4 Larry P. Campos
SP4 Luis B. Campos SGT Luis H. Campos SGT Richard F. Campos
SGT Clyde L. Canada PFC David J. Canales PFC Victor J. Canales
SGT Harold J. Canan SSG Martin J. Canavan 2LT Donald P. Candler
PFC Brian J. Cannada CPL James B. Cannington WO John H. Cannon
WO Shawn G. Cannon SP4 Marvin D. Canterbury PFC Jerry D. Cantrell
CPL Leslie H. Cantrell PFC Esiquio A. Cantu SP4 Florentino Cantu
SGT Refugio J. Cantu PFC Jerry Cape COL Elwyn R. Capling
LT Vincent R. Capodanno LTC Charles E. Cappelli CPL Daniel P. Cappello
LCPL Richard A. Carabba CPL Anthony J. Caraccilo PFC Vincent J. Caravello
PFC Adrian D. Carbajal SP4 Rene Carbajal-Azmitia SP4 Richard Carbone
LCPL Ramiro Cardenas CPL Willis G. Cardin CPL James M. Cardwell
PFC Daniel E. Carey LCPL James E. Carey PFC Jerry M. Carey
SGT Thomas J. Carey LCPL Joseph A. Carinci SGT Alan G. Carlborg
SN David A. Carli PFC Ignatius Carlisi PFC James F. Carloni
CPL George G. Carlough CPT Gary W. Carlson CPT John W. Carlson
CPL Richard A. Carlson CPL William E. Carlson MAJ James E. Carlton
SP4 Anthony J. Carlucci HM3 Robert L. Carman 1LT Robert E. Carmichael
PFC Jan A. Carmody SSG Robert J. Carmody LCPL Timothy L. Carmody
1LT Robert M. Carn PFC David J. Carnevale CPT Thomas E. Carney
SP4 Walter J. Carney PVT Timothy J. Carolan HM3 Wayne M. Caron
SFC Charles E. Carpenter PFC Clifford L. Carpenter LCPL Donald E. Carpenter
SGT Fred W. Carpenter LCDR Nicholas M. Carpenter SP4 Ralph R. Carpenter
SGT Raymond E. Carpenter PFC Lucien G. Carpentier SP4 John W. Carper
HN Loring W. Carper 1LT Dennis R. Carr SP4 Gregory V. Carr
PFC Lon G. Carr PFC Robert G. Carr PFC Robert H. Carr
SP4 Jackie A. Carrano LCPL Martin Carranza SP4 Frederick J. Carraturo
2LT Louis A. Carricarte PFC Chester C. Carrico SP4 Jimmy Carrillo
SP4 Juan Carrillo LCPL Douglas Carroll CPT James J. Carroll
PFC Raymond F. Carroll SP4 Roy A. Carroll PFC Walter J. Carroll
LCPL Edward A. Carruthers PFC Edwin E. Carson 1LT John H. Carson
SGT Russell B. Carson SFC David E. Carter SSG Dennis R. Carter
1LT Fred J. Carter MAJ George W. Carter SFC Harold E. Carter
PFC Jimmy E. Carter LCPL John E. Carter SGT L C. Carter
HM1 Leslie L. Carter 1LT Linwood C. Carter SP4 Mark J. Carter
PFC Milford D. Carter CPL Richard A. Carter CPL Shelby M. Carter
SP4 Thurl G. Carter CAPT Billy J. Cartwright SGT James W. Cartwright
PFC John S. Cartwright CPL David R. Caruso SGT Gilbert Carvalho
BM1 Bobby D. Carver SSG Harry F. Carver SGT Jerry D. Carver
MSG James G. Case COL Thomas F. Case PFC Thomas J. Case
CPL Dennis L. Casey MGEN George W. Casey WO James P. Casey
CPT John M. Casey SP4 Johnny D. Casey SGT Richard W. Casey
HM3 Robert M. Casey LCPL Thomas M. Casey PFC Benny D. Cash
PVT Jerry M. Cash CPL John H. Cash PFC Cornelius J. Cashman
PFC Christopher Casias SGT Henry E. Casias CPT Michael A. Casp
PFC Ronald J. Casper SP4 Robert P. Caspersen CPT Ralph W. Caspole
PFC Ronald R. Cassel SP4 Michael O. Cassidy SGT Richard A. Cassin
SSG Benjamin B. Castaneda PFC Hugo C. Castaneda SP4 Antonio G. Castillo
CPL Arthur J. Castillo LCPL Charles M. Castillo PFC Gregorio P. Castillo
SP4 Leonard B. Castillo SP4 Louis Castillo WO Larry F. Castle
SSG Clarence L. Casto CPT James C. Caston CPT Alfonso R. Castro
PFC Jesse R. Castro SFC Louis Castro PFC Ronnie S. Catanzariti
PFC Terrence J. Cather SP4 Robert P. Catling PFC Arturo A. Cauble
PFC Billy J. Caudill SGT Donnie W. Caudill SP4 Orville Caudill
LCPL Durwood Caulder PFC Eugene Cauley COL Edward J. Cavanaugh
CPL Thomas J. Cavanaugh PFC Reynaldo R. Cavazos PFC Ronald T. Cavazos
CWO Jim R. Cavender 2LT David J. Cavis SN Robert W. Cawley
SP5 Alan B. Cecil LCPL Roger D. Cecil SGT Frank A. Celano
MAJ Raymond Celeste PFC Salvatore P. Cemelli CPL Edward L. Centeno
LCPL Narciso R. Cerna PVT Richard R. Cerra SP4 Nicholas F. Cerrato
SGT Joseph C. Cerrone CPL Edward E. Cervantez CPL Richard A. Cesar
LCPL David A. Chacon PFC Robert R. Chacon PFC Frank W. Chadwick
CPT Leon G. Chadwick LCPL Allan R. Chaffin LCPL Leslie A. Chamberlain
WO Robert F. Chamberlain SP4 Billy C. Chambers SP4 James D. Chambers
SP4 Robert O. Chambers SP4 Jimmy L. Chambliss SSG James A. Champion
BM2 Anthony G. Chandler SP4 Joe W. Chandler WO Arthur F. Chaney
SGT Billy G. Channel SGT Lorenzo Chapa PFC Charles D. Chapman
CPL Gary W. Chapman SGT Jerry J. Chapman SP4 Larry L. Chapman
LCDR Rodney M. Chapman FN Ronald Chapman SGT Ronald J. Chapman
PFC Sidney D. Chapman TSGT John M. Chappell CPL John M. Chappey
CPL LeRoy H. Charboneau SFC Billy Charles SP4 Nicholes W. Charles
SGT Chad A. Charlesworth SFC Paul F. Charnetzki WO Freddie N. Chase
WO Stephen C. Chasin PFC Raymond M. Chasser SGT Donnie R. Chastain
PFC Johnell L. Chastang PFC Roger W. Chasteen PVT Antonio G. Chavez
SP4 Carlos Chavez CPT Gary A. Chavez PFC Gilbert M. Chavez
PFC John M. Chavez 1LT Harold L. Cheadle LCPL Robert M. Cheek
1LT Daniel B. Cheney PFC Gene E. Chepely PFC James W. Cherrick
LCPL David E. Cherry SGT Eddie E. Chervony SP4 Allen D. Cheshire
PFC Gary A. Cheshire SSG William L. Chifos CPL Ronald W. Child
CPT Stephen A. Childers CPL George W. Childress SP4 Martin D. Childress
SP4 Forrest C. Childs 1LT Thomas J. Chiminello PFC Alexander S. Chin
CPT Ralph J. Chipman SP4 Joseph C. Chisholm LCPL Ronald L. Chisholm
SSG Joseph J. Chisko PFC Norman P. Chittester SSG Jerry M. Chitwood
SSG Herbert P. Cho CPT John M. Christensen SGT Daniel B. Christenson
SP4 Bruce C. Christian LTJG David M. Christian 2LT Robert M. Christian
SFC Eugene F. Christiansen LCPL Robert D. Christiansen LCPL Dennis R. Christie
PFC Edward E. Christie LCPL James M. Christie 2LT William J. Christman
PFC Michael L. Christmas LCPL Paul E. Christmas SP4 Gilmore W. Christy
PFC John J. Chubb 1LT Ronald B. Churan LCPL Levan A. Church
1LT Ralph L. Church PVT Robert E. Church CPT Carl R. Churchill
LCPL Lawrence J. Churchill SSG John V. Chutis CPT Michael D. Chwan
LCPL John W. Ciallella SP4 John J. Cimorelli PFC Thomas A. Cincotta
MAJ Richard A. Claflin CPL John A. Claggett GMG3 Dell R. Claiborne
CPL Kenneth W. Claire CPT Larry J. Clanton PFC Bradley R. Clark
PFC Charles E. Clark SSG Clyde Clark SP4 Douglas M. Clark
SSG Howe K. Clark PFC Isaac N. Clark SP4 James L. Clark
MAJ John C. Clark CWO Joseph T. Clark PFC Larry G. Clark
SP4 Lorinzer P. Clark SP4 Norman H. Clark PFC Phillip H. Clark
PFC Raymond C. Clark LT Richard C. Clark SP4 Richard C. Clark
PFC Richard G. Clark LTJG Robert A. Clark PFC Robert L. Clark
SP4 Roger W. Clark CPL Ronnie L. Clark COL Stanley S. Clark
SP4 Terry L. Clark PFC Thorne M. Clark SGT Walter L. Clark
CPT William M. Clark CPL William S. Clark CMS Fred L. Clarke
PFC Walter K. Clarke PFC Gerald J. Clarkson SP4 Larry V. Claspill
SSGT Eugene L. Clay SSG Billy J. Clayborn LCPL Michael M. Clayton
1LT Christopher L. Clearwaters MAJ Peter M. Cleary LCPL Jean R. Clemencia
SSG Newton S. Clement PFC James W. Clements SGT Randall K. Clements
SP4 Wayne D. Clements PFC Richard J. Clementz WO Derrell W. Clemmer
LCPL Larry R. Clemons CWO Willard L. Clemons PFC Gerald R. Clemson
SP4 Charles C. Clendenen WO Reginald D. Cleve PVT Albert F. Cleveland
CPL David L. Cleveland 1LT Richard G. Cleveland SMAJ William H. Clevenger
TSGT Louis J. Clever PFC William B. Cleverley SGT Michael D. Clickner
PFC Gary A. Clifford SN Michael J. Clifford PFC Layne F. Clifton
SGT Mancol R. Clifton SP4 Terry W. Clifton SP4 David L. Climer
SP4 Charles W. Cline SSG Curtis R. Cline GMG3 Marcus E. Cline
PFC Rodney B. Cline CPL William C. Clinger PFC Joseph A. Clingerman
CWO Dean E. Clinton SP4 Gary R. Clodfelter SP4 Robert Clokes
PFC Floyd E. Close CWO Mark D. Clotfelter PFC Arthur E. Clough
SGT Lionel T. Clover SP4 Dennis L. Clymer MAJ Robert F. Coady
LCDR William F. Coakley CPT Sterling K. Coates PFC Bruce A. Cobb
PFC Earl R. Cobb PSGT Hubbard D. Cobb 2LT Paul F. Cobb
SFC Roy W. Cobb SP4 Tyler W. Cobb LTC Earl G. Cobeil
SGT James T. Coble SFC Warren W. Cobley PFC William H. Coburn
SGT Gary D. Cochran CPL Patrick S. Cochran 1LT James W. Cockrell
SP4 Wilbert R. Cockrell SP4 Francis W. Cody CPT Howard R. Cody
PFC Peter G. Cody 1LT William D. Cody SP4 Benny B. Coe
SFC Harry B. Coen WO Barry B. Coers MSG Edward A. Coffey
WO Jeffrey A. Coffin PFC Freddie L. Coffman SSG Roger L. Coffman
CPL Louis J. Cofrancesco WO Stephen Cohan SSG Sidney Cohen
SGT William P. Cohn LCPL Gregory C. Coin PFC Ronald L. Coker
SP4 Wayne A. Colantuono PFC John W. Colbert PFC Jerry R. Cole
LCPL Marvin E. Cole CPL Raymond A. Cole TSGT Richard M. Cole
WO Timothy Cole 2LT Wayne M. Cole PFC Gary T. Coleman
PFC James E. Coleman SFC Jimmy L. Coleman CPL John T. Coleman
SP4 Johnson Coleman SGT Lonald R. Coleman PFC Lynn B. Coleman
PFC Phillip R. Coleman SSG Robert L. Coleman PFC Lloyd A. Colfack
SP4 Dennis J. Coll 1LT John T. Coll PFC Charley H. Collier
PFC James W. Collier SP5 Larry E. Collier SGT Steven E. Collier
SSG Billy G. Collins SP4 Clint Collins CPL David J. Collins
CPL David L. Collins CPL Elton B. Collins SGT Elzie J. Collins
SP5 Floyd E. Collins CPL Harris L. Collins CWO James F. Collins
CPL Jerome L. Collins LT Michael R. Collins SP4 Michael T. Collins
SGT Ralph R. Collins CDR Richard F. Collins CPL Robert K. Collins
SP4 Thomas T. Collins SP4 Ronald J. Colone SP4 Stephen L. Colopy
CPL Keith Colwell 1LT Ronald L. Colwell SP4 Jerry W. Combest
CPL James M. Combs PFC Lee R. Combs CWO Howard B. Comer
BM2 William M. Comer CPL William A. Comly SSG Robert J. Comstock
ADR1 Gary L. Conaway CPL London Conaway MAJ Douglas C. Condit
SP5 James G. Condon LCDR Robert E. Condon WO George T. Condrey
SGT Lawrence N. Coney LTJG Michael S. Confer LTC Bernard Conklin
SP4 Larry J. Conklin HM3 Thomas A. Conklin SP4 Green Conley
SP4 Robert L. Conley LCPL Donald W. Conn 1LT James D. Conn
LCDR James J. Connell ADCS Edwin R. Conner CPL Gerald W. Conner
LCPL Idus J. Conner SGT Lee A. Conners 1LT Layne H. Connevey
SP4 Harry F. Conrad PFC Paul L. Conrad SP4 Michael J. Conrady
1LT John T. Conry Capt John W. Consolvo SGT Daniel J. Contestabile
LCPL Miguel Z. Contreras SGT Albert D. Contreros SP6 James T. Conway
PFC John J. Conway SSG Austin B. Cook SP5 Billy L. Cook
PFC Charles Cook SGT Charles F. Cook LT Dennis P. Cook
COL Donald G. Cook CPL Donald M. Cook CWO Donald R. Cook
PFC Garry K. Cook Capt Glenn R. Cook LCPL Joel L. Cook
SFC John I. Cook LCPL Joseph F. Cook COL Kelly F. Cook
SFC Marlin C. Cook PFC Michael F. Cook PFC Scott H. Cook
SSGT Calvin C. Cooke SP4 Harvey L. Cooley LCPL Louis N. Cooley
CPL Monte R. Cooley 1LT Dan L. Coombs LCPL Calvin K. Coon
CPL David W. Coon PFC Michael R. Coon SSG James Cooney
PFC Robert L. Coonrod SP4 Carl D. Cooper CPL Donald R. Cooper
HN Edwin E. Cooper MSGT Gerald A. Cooper SP5 James W. Cooper
SFC Robert L. Cooper SP4 Robert W. Cooper SP4 Robert W. Cooper
SP4 Willie A. Cooper SGT Jackie Coots SGT Ardie R. Copas
LCPL Jerry D. Copeland CPL Norman O. Copeland LCPL Gregory S. Copenhaver
SSG William M. Copley CPL George H. Coppage SGT Patrick B. Coppo
LCPL Austin M. Corbiere PFC William J. Corbin COL Gilland W. Corbitt
PFC David J. Corcoran CPL Edward J. Corcoran MAJ William E. Cordero
SFC James T. Cordova FA Robert J. Cordova SGT Rutilio P. Cordova
SGT Thomas R. Cores CPL John T. Corle CPL Gerald E. Corlett
PVT Eugene F. Cormier SGT Melvin G. Cormier SP5 Donald F. Cornell
PFC Edward M. Cornell CPL Larry I. Cornish PFC Russell H. Cornish
SSG Ronald F. Corns PFC Leon L. Cornwell PFC Rudolph R. Corona
2LT John G. Corr CPL Luis F. Correa PFC Scott D. Corrello
CPL Richard T. Corriveau PFC John D. Cossey RD1 Wilbur L. Cosson
SGT Lawrence R. Costello CPL Stephen R. Costello SP4 Charles G. Costin
PFC Richard J. Coston LCPL Robert F. Cote SP4 Curtis E. Cothran
SP4 Eugene E. Cotney 2LT Richard L. Cotter A1C Michael J. Cotterill
CPL Duane L. Cottet LCPL Thomas L. Cottrell CPL Gaylord M. Couch
PFC Leslie C. Couch LCPL Francis J. Coulombe CPL Thomas E. Coulson
SP4 Gerald F. Coulthart SGT Michael B. Counihan SGT Edward G. Courteau
1LT Allen W. Courtney CPL Joe R. Courtney SP4 Ronnie Courtney
SP4 Joseph Cousette EO1 Henry C. Cousineau LCDR Lawrence L. Cover
PFC Lawrence C. Covington SP4 Darrell W. Cowan LCPL Paul A. Cowan
PFC Robert B. Cowell AMS1 Harold E. Cowen LCPL Bennye W. Cowley
SSG Thomas R. Cowley PFC Kenneth W. Cowsert LCPL Daniel R. Cox
SFC Edward J. Cox 1LT Frank W. Cox SP4 Gregory E. Cox
CPT Henry T. Cox CPL Raymond P. Cox 1LT Sterling E. Cox
PFC Gary J. Coyle PFC Gerard Coyle LCPL Kevin M. Coyne
LCPL William F. Coyne CPL William M. Cozad MAJ Robert G. Cozart
SP4 Winford R. Crabb PFC Frank E. Crabbe PFC David A. Crabtree
CPT Michael A. Crabtree SP5 Varise H. Crabtree SGT Douglas J. Cradeur
PFC Clayton A. Craft SP4 Harlan M. Craft CPL James D. Craft
CPL Tommy L. Craft GMG3 Thomas J. Craghead PFC Edward J. Craig
CDR Philip C. Craig CPL Floyd J. Craigmyle LCPL Travis G. Crain
PFC David A. Cramer SP4 Donald J. Cramer CPL Dennis Crane
SGT Donald L. Crane SGT Rodney L. Crane PFC Thomas W. Cranford
SP4 Robert D. Cranson PFC Danny C. Cravens SP4 Robert M. Cravens
HM3 Charles H. Crawford CPL Curtis E. Crawford PFC Douglas J. Crawford
CPL James P. Crawford SSG Johnny R. Crawford SP4 Lawrence J. Crawford
SGT Michael A. Crawford LCPL William L. Crawford A1C William T. Crawford
1LT Billy G. Creech SP4 Larry R. Creecy LCDR Barton S. Creed
SGT Bernard J. Creed LCPL Thomas E. Creek CPL Michael J. Crescenz
LT Tom J. Cress PFC Terry W. Cressel SGT Peter R. Cressman
PFC Zed C. Creveling MAJ James A. Crew SGT Philip M. Crews
SSG Thomas F. Crews CPT Edward B. Cribb CPL Rell Crigger
SSG Charles R. Crim LCPL Dennis W. Cripe SP4 Larry A. Crisci
1LT Jimmy W. Crisp CPL Earl L. Crissell CPL Richard K. Criswell
PFC Richard L. Crites PFC Robert L. Crites CPL Kenneth L. Crody
LCPL Robert S. Croke PFC Michael J. Cromie EN3 Carl R. Crone
SSG Gary L. Crone PFC Steven M. Cronrath SP4 Oren L. Crook
LTJG Robert L. Crosby CWO Rolin J. Crosby SP4 Gary L. Cross
LCPL Larry E. Cross SP4 Richard G. Crossland MAJ Gerald J. Crosson
LCPL Danny K. Crothers LCPL Jack E. Crouch SP4 John R. Crouse
SSG Robert Crouter SP4 David L. Crow SP5 James D. Crow
LCPL Hylan L. Crowder SP4 Charles D. Crowe PFC Kevin R. Crowe
SP4 John E. Crowley SGT Ralph H. Crowley SP4 Jack L. Croxdale
PFC John L. Croy 2LT Robert H. Crum HN James D. Cruse
CPL Donald C. Crutchley EN2 Edward C. Cruz PFC Frank B. Cruz
SSGT Raphael Cruz SP4 Sam Cruz PVT Michael G. Cryar
LCPL Kenneth L. Crysel PFC Ralph W. Crytzer PFC Clifton Cubbage
PFC Pilar J. Cuellar SP4 Dick E. Cuff SGT Gary M. Culbertson
SGT Thomas J. Cullen 2LT Ronald K. Cullers SGT Carson G. Culleton
PFC Everett T. Culp LCPL Karl H. Culp CPT Thomas D. Culp
CPT Allen R. Culpepper SP4 Donald I. Culshaw SFC Archie G. Culver
SP4 Daryl C. Culver SP4 James R. Cumberpatch CPL William T. Cumbie
1LT James L. Cumiskey SP4 Charles H. Cummings PFC Harold W. Cummings
WO James E. Cummings 1LT Kenneth T. Cummings PFC Dennis T. Cunnane
PFC Billy Cunningham SP4 Bruce W. Cunningham SP4 Dennis L. Cunningham
SGT Donnie L. Cunningham PFC Edward Cunningham PFC James A. Cunningham
PFC John E. Cunningham SP5 Joseph W. Cunningham MAJ Norman N. Cunningham
CPT Wells E. Cunningham PFC Michael A. Cunnion LCPL Anthony B. Curci
CPL Daniel J. Curran CPT John D. Curran MAJ Patrick R. Curran
SP4 Robert B. Curran CPT William A. Currence PVT Andrew Currie
LCPL George C. Currie LCPL Jerry W. Currin PFC James J. Curry
PVT Larry E. Curry SSG Wilbur Curry SP4 John Curtin
SP4 Frederick N. Curtis SN Gary S. Curtis SSG Larry B. Curttright
SGT Ralph Custode LCPL Anthony M. Cusumano SSG Kendell D. Cutbirth
LCPL Richard E. Cutbirth HM3 George R. Cuthbert SGT James I. Cutler
CPT Fred C. Cutrer LCPL David W. Cutshall PFC William Cutshaw
1LT William S. Cutter CPL Kenneth J. Cymbalski PFC Paul L. Cyr
SP4 Ransom C. Cyr SGT Steven C. Czarnecki PFC John L. Czechowski
SSG Raymond G. Czerwiec PFC Paul S. Czerwonka

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