The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
The Virtual Wall, memorializing Vietnam casualties since 1997
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As of 02 JUN 2008
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MAJ Robert R. Jackemeyer PFC Dennis E. Jackowski CPT Carl E. Jackson
PFC Colin F. Jackson SP4 David A. Jackson SFC Edward Jackson
SP4 Gary R. Jackson SGT Henry Jackson GSGT James W. Jackson
PFC John H. Jackson PFC John W. Jackson LCPL Johnnie B. Jackson
CWO Keith M. Jackson PFC Lamont Jackson SGT Larry A. Jackson
SGT Lawrence D. Jackson PFC Lawrence H. Jackson SGT Lloyd W. Jackson
PFC Noble Jackson SSG Richard B. Jackson CPL Robert A. Jackson
PFC Robert E. Jackson PVT Stanley A. Jackson LCPL Terry K. Jackson
SMS Thomas W. Jackson HM3 Walter P. Jackson 1LT Aubrey E. Jacobs
SGT Dannie D. Jacobs CDR Edward J. Jacobs PFC Jerome E. Jacobs
SGT Joseph L. Jacobs CPT Phillip H. Jacobs PFC Richard A. Jacobs
CPL Robert M. Jacobs SGT Timothy J. Jacobsen CPL Harvey G. Jacobson
SP4 John W. Jacobson 1LT Mark N. Jacobson PFC Roland V. Jager
MSG Antonio B. Jaime SSG John A. Jakovac SGT Stephen F. Jalloway
LCPL Kenneth R. Jamerson SP6 Larry C. Jamerson 2LT Franklin T. James
SGT General F. James LCPL John M. James SN Marc S. James
PFC Ricky L. James LCPL Robert L. James SGT Ronald E. James
CPT Samuel L. James SGT David A. Jameson SGT Larry D. Jameson
SGT Ernest C. Jamison CPL Richard A. Janigian 1LT Ronald J. Janousek
SP4 Larry W. Jansen PFC Fred W. Jansonius SP4 Charles E. Jaquins
PFC James M. Jarolimek PFC Joseph D. Jarrell PFC Kenith L. Jarrell
LCPL Randall D. Jarrell PFC Ronald A. Jarvis SP4 John Jasso
SP4 Gary L. Jatich PSGT Harry F. Jedrzejewski CPL Billy R. Jefferson
SGT Gary D. Jefferson LTC James M. Jefferson WO Gabriel A. Jeffries
LCPL James H. Jeffries CWO John A. Jelich SGT Mark A. Jenewein
LCPL Dan L. Jenkins PFC Dennis A. Jenkins CPL Earl D. Jenkins
SP4 Eugene R. Jenkins SGT J C. Jenkins CPL James A. Jenkins
LCPL Lance N. Jenkins PFC Larry Jenkins PFC Michael L. Jenkins
PFC Robert D. Jenkins PFC Robert H. Jenkins PFC Robert W. Jenkins
CWO Richard D. Jenks SP4 Robert E. Jenne SGT Jim F. Jennings
LCPL Michael Jennings CPL William A. Jennings SP4 Gary E. Jensen
1LT Paul A. Jensen SGT Ronald J. Jensen SSGT Terance K. Jensen
PFC Rickey L. Jergenson SSG Richard L. Jernigan 1LT Paul A. Jerome
SP4 Robert D. Jessen SP4 Russell L. Jett CPL James C. Jewell
CPL Philip L. Jewell LCPL Jose F. Jimenez PFC Paulino F. Jimenez-Roig
SP4 Robert J. Jindra CPL William D. Jinks SGT Peter J. Jirsa
CPL George V. Jmaeff PFC Andrew J. Jobey CPL Lamarr L. Johns
SP5 Alan H. Johnson LTC Allen L. Johnson PFC Artie E. Johnson
SFC Ben Johnson LCPL Benjamin F. Johnson LTC Bruce G. Johnson
LCPL Charles E. Johnson SGT Charles H. Johnson 1LT Charles L. Johnson
1LT Clayton W. Johnson SP4 David A. Johnson SGT David F. Johnson
PFC David H. Johnson SGT David K. Johnson PFC David L. Johnson
PFC David L. Johnson LCPL Denny L. Johnson LCPL Donald P. Johnson
PFC Donald R. Johnson SGT Duane A. Johnson LCPL Dwight D. Johnson
LCPL Edward L. Johnson LCPL Emory F. Johnson SP4 Eric B. Johnson
PFC Eric W. Johnson SP6 Frankie B. Johnson EN3 Frankie R. Johnson
PFC Fred A. Johnson SP4 Gary L. Johnson LCPL George S. Johnson
SP4 Gilton W. Johnson PFC Gordon M. Johnson SP4 Gregory R. Johnson
WO Guy F. Johnson SP4 James Johnson LCPL James Johnson
SP4 James E. Johnson CPL James E. Johnson CPL Jay D. Johnson
PFC Jimmie L. Johnson SGT Joe E. Johnson SP4 John P. Johnson
PFC Johnny L. Johnson SGT Joseph W. Johnson CPL Kenneth P. Johnson
SP4 Larry D. Johnson LCPL Lee G. Johnson CN Melvin E. Johnson
LCPL Michael L. Johnson CPL Nathan Johnson SGT Paul A. Johnson
CPT Paul W. Johnson PFC Ralph H. Johnson SP4 Ray E. Johnson
PFC Richard A. Johnson CPT Richard S. Johnson LCDR Robert D. Johnson
PFC Robert L. Johnson SGT Robert T. Johnson SGT Robert W. Johnson
SP4 Ronnie W. Johnson PVT Roosevelt Johnson SP5 Roy L. Johnson
SGT Roy M. Johnson SP4 Russell C. Johnson 1LT Stanley G. Johnson
SSG Sterling H. Johnson 1LT Theodore W. Johnson SP4 Thomas J. Johnson
PFC Timothy H. Johnson HM2 Wallace B. Johnson SFC William D. Johnson
SP5 William J. Johnson CPT William L. Johnson PFC William L. Johnson
CPL William T. Johnson HM3 Willis W. Johnson LCPL Clement B. Johnston
SP4 Richard K. Johnston SP4 Terry R. Johnston SP4 Tommy W. Johnston
SP4 William F. Joiner SSG Harry D. Jojola SP4 David M. Jolley
SP4 Benjamin A. Jones CPT Bernard F. Jones MAJ Bobby M. Jones
CPL Brent R. Jones CPL Bruce E. Jones SP4 Charles R. Jones
CPL David L. Jones PFC Dubois R. Jones 2LT Elizabeth A. Jones
SGT Ervin Jones 1LT Gary C. Jones PFC Grandville R. Jones
SGT Guy T. Jones LCPL Harold L. Jones LCPL Howard L. Jones
LCPL Ivan W. Jones A3C James B. Jones LTJG James G. Jones
SP4 Jerald L. Jones SGT John R. Jones SSG Johnny E. Jones
SGT Joseph J. Jones SGT Larry N. Jones CPL Larry P. Jones
PFC Lawrence E. Jones COL Louis F. Jones LCPL Marcus C. Jones
CPL Michael E. Jones LTC Orvin C. Jones 2LT Philip B. Jones
PFC Richard A. Jones PFC Robert E. Jones PFC Roger K. Jones
PFC Ronald R. Jones PFC Sammy Jones SGT Scott W. Jones
CPL William T. Jones PFC Curtis C. Joosten 1LT Allan H. Jordan
PFC Chester G. Jordan 1LT Daniel W. Jordan SGT Paul R. Jordan
SP4 Teddy R. Jordan LCPL Terence P. Jordan PFC Thomas L. Jordan
PFC William A. Jordan PFC David W. Jorgensen SP4 Paull D. Jose
PFC Phillip D. Joslen SP4 Robert M. Journell CPL Raymond S. Joy
MAJ John H. Joyce PFC John M. Joyce 1LT Van J. Joyce
PFC Walter E. Joyce 1LT Stephen D. Joyner CPT Thomas J. Jozefowski
PFC George A. Juarez PFC Joe M. Juarez PFC Oscar R. Juarez
HM3 Michael B. Judd SP4 Charles M. Judge LCPL Darwin L. Judge
PFC Terry W. Judkins 1LT Hampden C. Judson LCPL David L. Judy
CPL Roy J. Juers SGT James J. Julian PFC Stephen F. Jumper
SP4 William A. June HM3 Walter J. Junger CPL Johnny J. Junkins
SP4 Daniel E. Jurecko QM1 Joseph P. Jurgella PFC Elgin J. Juri
CPL Don M. Justice PFC Everett E. Justice LCPL Richard L. Justice
SGT Roger D. Justice CPL Thomas L. Justice CPT William P. Justice
1LT Michael E. Justus

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