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Catherine Called Birdy

by Karen Cushman


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Alternative Energy Persuasive Essay


Ancient Civilizations Thematic Essay Unit


Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman


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"Charles" by Shirley Jackson Short Story


Mysteries of Harris Burdick


History of the English Language




NYS English Language Arts Exams Review


Painting Pictures in Poetry


SHEroes Memorable Women in History


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While reading Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman, you will be writing journal entries, one for each season of the year.  All four entries must reflect the culture of the middle ages.  For example, you must weave medieval names, occupations, holidays and celebrations, language or sayings, clothing, and food to reflect the social hierarchy (social pyramid) of the times into your writing.  Your goal is to assume a social role in Medieval England and write an account of your days, like Catherine.  You will be successful if you use your rubric and checklist to guide you in this project.




First Names

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Medieval Dictionaries

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Holidays and Celebrations


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Drinking Goblets

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Student Handouts

Student Handouts


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Famous illumination from the Middle Ages.


Teacher Resources

  1. Poster Projects: Building background knowledge before reading.  Students work in groups to focus on an aspect of medieval life: clothing, church, Black Death, feudalism, knights, food, townspeople.  Use the links above to locate information and pictures to enhance the poster.

  1. Vocabulary: Students learn vocabulary words to play vocabulary BINGO.  The words came from the book.

  1. Reading The Book

  1. Writing the Journal Entries

  1. Misc. Resources




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