1975 Bill Stroppe Baja Bronco


Limited Edition Bronco Built By Bill Stroppe & Associates

One of approximately 650 built between 1971 & 1975


This page last updated 05/03/08 with the most recent stuff at the bottom.


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Note that this page AND my Bronco are under construction! 

Currently in the process of a frame-up restoration. 



VIN# U15GLV65950

Poppy Red / Wimbledon White / Metallic Blue / 

Semi Gloss Black (yes its all there under the gray!)

1969 351W 4V

2.5" Suspension Lift

Power Steering

1977 Bronco Power Disc Brake Conversion

Dana 44 Front / Ford 9" Rear - 4.11 LS

C4 Automatic Transmission

Dual Gas Tanks

Swing Away Spare Tire Carrier


Stroppe Options:

Front Fender Flange Trim

Rear Fender Trim and Flares

Dual Shocks at Every Wheel

Rubberized Steering Wheel

Front Bumper Braces

"Cactus Smasher" Pushbar

Deluxe Roll Bar

Rear Sway Bar

Baja Spare Tire Cover

Bill Stroppe Middle Seat

Bill Stroppe Hitch

Autometer Tachometer



As purchased... had no idea it was a Baja Bronco...

1975 Baja Bronco          1975 Baja Bronco          1975 Baja Bronco          1975 Baja Bronco



Then I found these stickers on the rear shock mounts....first clue it was a Baja Bronco.



Here's the VIN plate on the glovebox door, check out the blank color code and the six digit DSO code.




*** NOTICE ***

In order to help speed up the loading of this page, I moved all the pictures of the Stroppe options to their own page.  These pictures include the rear sway bar, trailer hitch, tire cover, tachometer, transfer case adapter, bumper braces, roll bar, cactus smasher, padded steering wheel, middle seat, and front fender trim.


Click here to go see the Stroppe option pictures



 I also moved some of the middle buildup progress pictures to a different page.  These pictures include the floorpans, seat platform, transmission tunnel cover, doorposts, kick panels, rear quarter panels, inner quarter panels, wheel houses, rear floor section, and taillight corners..


Click here to go see the other pictures



Just for kicks, here's a pic I found of my Bronco in October 2001.  Slowly but surely...


It was a pretty nice day today (01/01/05) until the snow started flying.  I managed to get my Bronco out of the garage and get a few good pictures of it.  The last time it was out of the garage was July 2002...







Well, I backed the Bronco out of the garage (July 2005) to do a little sand blasting on the cowl area.  While it was out there I snapped a few pictures.  Note that in these pictures, both of the taillight corners are actually welded into place.  I also slapped the cactus smasher and my rollbar in place for the pics.



and while I had my LS fender off, I took a minute to set up some wishful thinking...  someday.


Here's the cowl area after sandblasting and then after I replaced the rusted out metal.



Alright, August 13, 2005 is a milestone date for this project!  Finally all of the patch panels have been installed!!!  With the completion of the rocker panel patches shown below, there is no more welding to be done!  I guess next will be to get some body filler & seam sealer in place, followed up by primer & paint!!



04-14-07 - OK!  After taking a little break from the Bronco, to help with our new baby, I'm starting to get back on it.  I've been polishing off some final small details with the body such as drilling the gas filler hose holes, reflector holes, tire carrier holes, and a few others.  Finished up a few remaining welds.  I'm dangerously close to pulling the body off the frame and spraying a little primer and then a little seam sealer.  No progress worth showing but I'll put up a few pictures anyway.



04/22/07 -- Good weather today so I did a little work on both of my horses.  A little minor sandblasting on the Bronco to clean up a place where some power steering fluid leaked and also blasted a bunch of small parts.  Next will be to pull the body off and start spraying some primer on the bottom side.



05/14/07 -- Well, I made it to a pretty big milestone today.  Finally got the body pulled off of the frame!  Next is to finish cleaning up the frame, do a few small repairs on it, then hit it with the POR15 and then paint.  Also, I'll be spraying the underside of the tub and the engine bay with epoxy primer and then put on the seam sealer.  Stay tuned!



05/28/07 -- Here's some of the latest progress... finished cleaning up the frame and did a few small repairs on it and hit it with the "marine clean", then the "metal ready", and finally the POR-15.  While it was all cleaned up I hit the VIN stamp with some chalk so I could get some good pics of it before I covered it up with paint.



Also, I finally scored a set of slotted mags!  They are 15x8.5 and seem to work out just fine with my front disc brakes.  A buddy of mine bead blasted them and they turned out great.  Here's some before and after pics....



07/22/07 -- I am finally finished with the chassis (well, finished enough to move on to the body).  The front coils, track bar, sway bar, steering box, and steering linkage were removed and painted and reinstalled.  I painted everything with POR-15 then top coated it with Chassis Black from Eastwood.  I also replaced the C bushings and radius arm bushings.



08/05/07 -- I was able to spray a little primer the past couple weekends!  So far I've sprayed the right side, left side, and tailgate.  Next will be the underbelly and engine bay.



09/01/07 -- I was able to spray some more primer this weekend so here's a few shots of the underbelly and the engine bay.  Next will be the inside of the tub.  Hopefully I can beat the cold weather.





09/09/07 -- Got the last of the tub primer sprayed this weekend.  Its totally primed top, bottom, inside, and out.  




10/13/07 -- So this is what will likely be the last Bronco update until Spring 2008.  I hit all the seams with urethane seam sealer from NAPA and then put the tub back on the frame for the winter.  I did this to free up the other bay in my garage to maybe get a little work done on the 1968 Mustang this winter.  So, here's the latest pics....



05/03/08 -- Well, its becoming more and more obvious that Bronco progress this year is going to be few & far between.  Too much other stuff going on and not enough "fun" money laying around since I bought a new (to me) truck last November.  I will attempt to get some stuff done at some point but I had hoped to be spraying the poppy red by now.  We'll see......



More pics will arrive as more progress is made....


Parts used for this project supplied by:

Jeff's Bronco Graveyard

James Duff Enterprises

Wild Horses 4x4

Tom's Bronco Parts


Southern Polyurethanes


Summit Racing




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