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Back in the 1970's, Bill Stroppe & Associates offered a wide variety of off road equipment for Ford vehicles.  These parts could be ordered from his Off Road Accessories catalog or from ads that were placed in four wheel drive/off road magazines.  


A while back I learned (thanks to Andrew of about these ads and purchased a bunch of old Four Wheeler magazines.  I scanned in all of the ads, articles, new product features, etc regarding Stroppe Equipment and I placed a few of them on here for you to check out. Enjoy!



Update -- November 2004

I just purchased some more vintage Four Wheeler and Pickup, Van,  & 4x4 magazines.  Here are some of the ads that were in those.


This is the earliest Stroppe ad I have ever seen.  It is from a 1966 issue of Four Wheeler.  Actually, it is a Holman-Moody-Stroppe ad.



Here are a couple vintage Air Lift ads.  One featuring the Bob Lewis' race Bronco and one featuring Bill Stroppe.




Here is a little newer version (1974) of the before & after Big Oly ad that is shown below.




Here are some Stroppe Equipment ads


From 1972



From 1973






From 1974



Here are a few new product features in Four Wheeler magazine that feature Stroppe Equipment




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