Bill Stroppe Baja Bronco

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03/08/08 -- Check out this vintage Parnelli Jones Big Oly postcard from Todd Zuercher.


05/04/07 -- Here are some new pics courtesy of Todd Zuercher.  All of these were taken at Parnelli Jones' private racing museum.  





This tequila bottle has quite a story behind it.  In the 1972 Baja 1000 a slight mixup in the pits left Big Oly a little short on gas.  They ran out of gas just shy of the finish line and figured that they needed about four gallons to get to the end.  Soon, a beat up VW with two drunk locals rolled up and they managed to get gas from them and they had to use their tequila bottle to transfer it to Oly.  They got it fired up again and went on to win their second Baja 1000 that year.  There's a great article about this in the June 2006 issue of Dirt Sports Magazine.  One of these days I'll scan it and post it on here.  Anyhow, this bottle is still on display at Parnelli's museum.  Thanks again to Todd Z. for these pics!



Here's a really cool closeup pic of a muddy Baja Bronco



Here are a couple neat pics of Big Oly




Here are some cool vintage pics of two Stroppe prepared Broncos:  Pony and Crazy Colt.  That's Parnelli standing in front of Crazy Colt.



Here are a few more vintage pics of Big Oly.  For the story behind this race, check out the vintage Champion Spark Plug ad shown here




Check this out!  Big Oly $10 from the Monopoly Ford 100th Anniversary set.  



Here are a couple awesome pieces of Stroppe memorabilia owned by Todd Zuercher.  A Stroppe Bronco key fob and an old Stroppe jacket. 




Awesome example of a Baja Bronco (owner: Jeff Trapp of Jeff's Bronco Graveyard)



Another superb example of a Baja Bronco (owner:  Andrew Norton of



The most famous Baja Bronco... Big Oly driven by Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe from 1970-1974.

                    Big Oly





Here are some pics of Gale Pike's Bronco.




Here are some pics of a Baja Bronco slot car that someone painted up to look like Big Oly.  Sweet!




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