My Early Bronco Toy Collection


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Pictured below are all of the Bronco toys that I have so far, in no particular order...


06/15/08 -- I scored a few Bronco toys at the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals this year.  The Jada "For Sale" and 5-Deep set (with blue/white halfcab), a light blue Gay Toys Bronco, and for good measure I picked up a couple more of the Matchbox Broncos.


               JadaSet1.JPG (148155 bytes)     JadaSet2.JPG (131114 bytes)



04/25/08 -- Here's the purple Matchbox SuperFast Bronco.  Thanks go out to pearlcoat for sending this bronco to me!



04/21/08 -- Here's the blue Matchbox Bronco.




12/27/07 -- I usually get a few Bronco toys for Christmas and this year was no different.  Got the Green Matchbox Bronco from 1999 and the Auto World First Lap Bronco (1 of 500) from my parents and the Green 55th Anniversary Bronco from my wife & daughter.




09/27/07 -- Just received this one in the mail today.  The latest version of the Johnny Lightning roadster Bronco.




Here is the Bronco in the Matchbox Pirates set that was released summer 2007.  Thanks to Chris Cobbs of for hooking me up with this set.




Here is a decent vintage Tootsie Toy Bronco with another graphic on the side that I didn't have, until now.  Gotta love ebay treasures.



Here is the Tonka motorized Bronco I found at Toys R Us.



Here is a vintage Tootsie Toy "Bronco Ranch" Bronco in fair shape.  This one's been well played with but still pretty cool.



Here is a vintage Tootsie Toy "Fire Chief" Bronco in pretty good shape.  The passenger side decal is on upside down but it appears to have been that way from the beginning(?)





Here is a vintage Tootsie Toy "Buckin' Bronco" in pretty good shape.



Here are the Auto World Baja Bronco slot cars, in the jewel case and in the clam package.




Here's the Matchbox "Marlin Adventures Bronco", same size as the red Matchbox Bronco below.




Back in July (2006), we were looking in the attic of my Dad's outbuilding, looking through all my old toys so that my daughter could have them.  Anyhow, during this I found that, apparently, my Dad bought me a Tootsie Toy Bronco when I was a kid.  Very well played with but cool.




Here is an old A/FX Baja Bronco slotcar




Here is the Matchbox Ford 100th Anniversary Bronco 




Here is the first Johnny Lightning Bronco - Working Class Trucks #4




I got the next three toys at the Carlisle Ford Nats in 2005.  First is the Johnny Lightning 60's Sizzle Bronco




This is the Johnny Lightning Ford Performance set that has a black Early Bronco




Here is the Johnny Lightning Search & Rescue set with a blue Beach Patrol Early Bronco




Here is the second Bronco in the Johnny Lightning Working Class Truck series, #11




Here is the Johnny Lightning limited edition (2500) Bronco to commemorate the 40th Anniversary in 2006!




Here's the third Bronco in the Johnny Lightning Working Class Truck series, #20




Here is the Johnny Lightning Collector's Club Bronco.  Limited edition #249 of 500.  You have to be in the collector's club to buy it so naturally, I nabbed it on ebay.





Here is the Johnny Lightning "Oak Brook Farms" Bronco.  This one is loose because it only comes in the Working Class Trucks set at Toys R Us.  I also got this one on ebay.





Here is my Bronco "Mangler".  These RC trucks were available for a while at Radio Shack.  I repainted mine to be a Baja Bronco.  Here's the before, during, and after pics...






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