1975 Bill Stroppe Baja Bronco

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These are the pictures that were originally on my main Bronco page.  There were getting to be so many it took a while to load so I moved them here.


Doin' a little welding on the floor support braces...



Finally, floorpans, seat platform, trans tunnel, doorposts, & kick panels installed...








Fitting up the new rear quarter panels.



Here are some pics of lining up of the rear quarter panels and tailgate.  Starting to look like a Bronco again!  Tack welded rear quarters in, installed new tailgate, and cut out for the flares.






Here's the left side inner quarter panel, wheel house, floor corners, fuel tank extensions, and striker post brace.



Here's the right side inner quarter panel, wheel house, floor corners, and striker post brace.



Those of you who frequent this webpage may remember that back in June I received my new rear floor section from Jeff's Bronco Graveyard.  I did a quick test fit and was very pleased given the fact that I rebuilt the entire rear section from scratch with replacement panels.  Anyhow, we got the new garage under roof for the winter so I have some time to work on the Bronco again.  My latest progress was actually welding the rear floor section into place.  The pics shown below don't look a lot different from the test fit pics but there is a difference, you can stand on it now!


First, here are a couple shots of the section itself.  Note the second pic has the support channel in place.



These shots are of the floor section fully welded into place.






Well, I got started on the taillight corners.  When I bought the new rear quarters, they came with new taillight corners.  Well, to put it mildly the new corners were junk.  They didn't have a flange to weld to, no mounting ears for the taillight lens, no provisions for the "stake-hole" for mounting the top, and worst of all, they just didn't fit.  So, I bought a used set at the 2004 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals.  They are kinda banged up but very solid.  See below...


Here is the right side taillight corner before sandblasting.  I clamped it into place to check the fit.



Here is the left side taillight corner before and after sandblasting.



Here are both of them, still just clamped into place.



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