1975 Bill Stroppe Baja Bronco

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These are the pictures that were originally on my main Bronco page.  There were getting to be so many it took a while to load so I moved them here.


01/22/07 - I just learned that the rear sway bar on my Bronco is not a Ford option, but actually a Stroppe option.




01/15/07 - After around three years of searching, I was finally able to obtain an original Stroppe hitch since mine was removed at some point.




02/16/07 - Here is my Baja tire cover.  A very nice reproduction made by Andrew at BajaBronco.com.  Only problem is that it was sewn to fit a 33x12.50 tire.  I'm not going to run a tire that big on my stock spare tire carrier so I sent it off to Angie (a.k.a "chopper" on classicbroncos.com) to adjust it down to a 30x9.50.  Here's the before & after pics... it turned out great.




09/17/06 - Here is a vintage Autometer tachometer.  The face is 3" diameter and it reads up to 9600 RPM.  This tach was offered as an option in the Stroppe Accessories catalog.




07/12 06 - Here is an original Stroppe C4 to Dana 20 adapter.  Stroppe designed this adapter so that his shop could convert Broncos to automatic transmission before Ford offered it as an option.




Here are the original bumper braces, with the same stickers as the shock mounts...

Stroppe bumper braces          Stroppe bumper braces                   


Here is the Deluxe Roll Bar and the Cactus Smasher Pushbar




This is the Stroppe padded steering wheel before and after repairing the cracks in it.




03/15/05 - Here's a couple pics of the Bill Stroppe Middle Seat.



Here you can see the Stroppe fender trim on the right & left side fenders and the dual shock mounts on the right side.




I had my LS fender off so I took a few more shots of the Stroppe fender trim.



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