Stroppe Bronco Accessories Chassis


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At the 2006 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, the Early Bronco was the feature vehicle for its 40th Anniversary celebration.  There was a building with Broncos on display and amongst them was the original chassis that was shown in the Stroppe Accessories Catalog from the early 1970s.  Check out the following pics.



Here are a few shots of the entire chassis, along with an enlarged version of the spread from the Stroppe catalog.




Here are a couple pics of the front dual shock mounts.  Check out the little red Stroppe & Associates decals.  This chassis is littered with those decals.  Also note that the shocks were autographed by Rod Hall.  These signature RS5000 shocks were available in the mid 80's.




Here are a couple pics of the rear shock mounts and the rear airbag setup.




Here you can see the Stroppe C4 transmission adapter.  He had to design this piece because when the Baja Bronco production began, Ford hadn't started offering the automatic transmission as an option yet.  So, he had to roll his own to get the C4 into his Broncos.




Here you can see the Stroppe transmission cooler in place.  This had to be specially designed for the earlier Stroppe Broncos since Ford didn't offer the auto trans as an option, which means that the cooler was not built into the radiator yet.




Here is the Stroppe installed power steering setup.  Similar to the automatic transmission, the earlier Baja Broncos were built before power steering was an option from Ford.  So, Stroppe had to design the PS setup himself for his race Broncos and for the production Baja Broncos.  




Here are the front bumper braces that were standard on all Baja Broncos.  Note that the left side bumper brace is the earlier style that is longer and welded to the frame, instead of bolted.  This was because the power steering box is mounted to the outside of the frame as opposed to the later Ford style mounted to the inside.  You can also see the right side bumper brace which remained the same for all the Baja Broncos.  




Here you can see the Gates Commando tires in perfect condition, mounted on slotted mags.  They don't make these tires anymore.  They don't make the wheels anymore for that matter.




In these pics you can see the rollbar mounts.  If you notice in the pic above, from the catalog, there was a Stroppe rollbar mounted on the chassis.  Since there wasn't a floor, these mounts had to be installed on the frame to properly display the rollbar.




Here is a shot of the Cactus Smasher pushbar and the Stroppe hitch.




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