1968 Mustang


In March 2007 I bought this car from my buddy Mike who has done all of the work on it prior to any progress shown below...

**** UPDATE 12/26/11 -- Sold the car back to Mike ***



Here's the Mustang as purchased.  Its still in really good shape with only some minor rust in the usual places -- rear fenders and a little on the doors.  The important places (rocker panels, door posts, and striker posts) are very solid.  I'm going to replace both front floorpans.  The driver's side is ate through but the passenger side is not.  But I'll do both while I'm in the mood.




Here's a shot of the front disc brakes and of the Lincoln Versailles 9" rear end.



Here's a few more random pics....


Here's the rest of the front clip parts that aren't shown above.  All are in great shape.



A shot of the AC controls.  Aside from the ductwork this is the only part of the AC left.  That will be an expensive thing to put back (>$1000) so that'll be a ways down the road.


Here's a couple shots of the interior.  The headliner needs replaced courtesy of the mice but otherwise things are in pretty good shape.  Gotta love mice.



And... why no Mustang progress lately?  Here's what's been going on the past week or so (04/09/07)


04/22/07 -- Good weather today so I did a little sandblasting on both of my horses.  Next up will be replacing the floorpans.




01/11/09 -- UPDATE!  I was totally unsatisfied with the left rear quarter repair from Apr 2008 (shown in the first pic below) so I decided to step back and do it again.  This time, I found that I could get complete quarter skins for about $70 per side.  So, I bought a couple of these and went back to work.  


I'll be ditching this mess...


For these...


Here's the test fit and then the cutting!



Found the outer wheel house was a little rusty so a replacement will be installed.


01/19/09 -- Made some more progress this weekend.  The new wheel house arrived and I got the rusty parts of the old wheel house cut away.  Then I trimmed up the new wheel house to fill the void.  After a test fit, I hit the whole area with POR-15.  Hopefully I'll weld in the new wheel house next weekend...



01/25/09 -- A little more progress this weekend.  Finished up the prep work and welded in the new rear wheel house.  Next up is prepping to install the new rear quarter skin!


02/01/09 -- Finished up the wheel house install and primed & painted it.  Also prepped the new quarter skin for installation and flanged the upper part of the original quarter.  Hopefully the new skin will go in soon.


03/28/09 -- Finally got outside to work on this some more this weekend.  Finished off the final trimming and fitting of the quarter panel.  I haven't welded it in yet but that is next.  The fit isn't perfect but its acceptable.  I think I can adjust out the slight misalignment by adjusting the door hinges and striker.




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