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  • Western Christian

    Religion Links

    To save your world you asked these men to die;
    Would they, could they see you now, ask why?
  • Religious News Links On News Page this site
  • Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
  • Center for Equal Opportunity, USA
  • Canon Law; St. Joseph Foundation
  • When is dates for Holidays
  • Page Contents

    Law-History-Rite of Pope Paul VI 1970 Devotions & Saints
    Traditional Mass Locations Organizations for Traditional Catholics
    Liturgical Texts, Documentation, Music Roman Rite Religious Orders using the Traditional Latin Mass
    Traditional Roman Rite Discussion Groups Bookstores, Periodicals, Church Goods
    Other Western Rites Bibles and Bible language Aramaic, Latin & Greek
    Church Music & Chant, Art Separated Brethren Western Catholic

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    Click to join ctngreg Traditional Latin Mass discussion Group

    Pope Benedict XVI

    ".... I am of the opinion, to be sure, that the old rite should be granted much more generously to all those who desire it. It's impossible to see what could be dangerous or unacceptable about that. A community is calling its very being into question when it suddenly declares that what until now was its holiest and highest possession is strictly forbidden and when it makes the longing for it seem downright indecent. Can it be trusted any more about anything else?...." Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (, "Salt of the Earth" ISBN: 0-89870-640-8 page 176
  • Petition in support of the Holy Father
  • INSTRUCTION on the application of the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum


  • Jewish Press, The Pope's Got A Point
  • The Latin Mass and the Jews By Rabbi David Rosen
  • Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow
  • Russian Orthodox, Respond to Document on Nature of Church
  • German Lutherans in favor of the 'Tridentine' Mass
  • Christopher A. Ferrara REMNANT COLUMNIST
  • A web page devoted to Summorum Pontificum
  • liturgicalnotes Blogspot
  • Benedict XVI's liturgical armistice: 'Summorum Pontificum'
  • Interview with Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos by 30 Days
  • The "Socci Manifesto"

    Dario cardinal Castrillon Hoyos

    Dario cardinal Castrillon Hoyos' speech to the Assembly of Latin American bishops (Spanish) Dario cardinal Castrillon Hoyos' speech to the Assembly of Latin American bishops (English)

    General Reference

    Vatican Sites
  • Vatican Homepage
  • Vatican Net
  • Popes and their Documents at Vatican
  • Vatican Book Store Catalog
  • Vatican Radio
  • L'Osservatorio Romano Weekly English Edition
  • Vatican News Service Main Page
  • Vatican News Service English
  • Sign up for Vatican News Service Notification
  • Vatican Photo service, Click on flags for language
  • Vatican Library on Line
  • All Ecumenical Dialogues
  • "Photo Service by L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO"
  • The Vatican "Secret" Archive at Vatican goes back centuries
  • Vatican Congregation for clergy
  • Statistics at Vatican Congregation for clergy
  • E-Mail: The Holy Father
  • Congregation for propagation of the faith News
  • Congregation for propagation of the faith Statistics
  • Congregation for propagation of the faith Summa Theologica
    Church Fathers and Encyclopedia
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Summa of Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Fathers of the Church
  • The on-line Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham University
  • The Catholic Library
  • Catechisms on Line
  • Catholic doctrines within Patristic thought
  • Patristic Site Eastern Orthodox
  • Intra-text Church and Historic Documents
    Catholic Hierarchy, Clerics, Religious
  • Sermons, doctrine, and devotion. Audio or IPod
  • The daily homilies of Father Robert Altier, Saint Agnes Church Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity Church Officials a *.pdf file
  • Listing of Churches and Rites in Communion with the Roman See
  • Catholic Hierarchy by Country
  • Listing of U.S.A. bishops by name with links to their Web Pages
  • College of Cardinals
  • Clerical Statistics
  • Consecrated Life Forum
  • Statistics 2003 Source Book U.S. Bishops Conference
  • Vatican Congregation for clergy Statistics
  • Catholic-Hierarchy Org
  • Listing of all major religious leaders
  • Catholic-Hierarchy
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    Law-History-Rite of Pope Paul VI 1970

  • Council of Trent
  • Canon Law, Edictio Romana of the Decretum Gratiani pre 1918
  • The Roman Theological Forum
  • May Catholics Join Masonic Lodges?
  • Fasting, History and Regulations
  • Fasting, for legalist minimalists
  • St. Joseph Foundation
  • Current Code of Canon Law
  • Code of Canon Law at Vatican
  • Canon Law Info
  • Novus Ordo proclimation of Paul VI
    Historical links
  • Intratext, A wonderful site which presents hundreds of texts in "hypertext
  • Site of Catholic links
  • Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto
  • The 1971 'English' Indult
  • Newman Reader
  • Article on Americanism
  • Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre 3 vol. with indexes
  • Large Print Altar Missal, Missale Caecutientium
  • Teutonic Knights up to XXth century
  • I Episcopal Attitudes to Liturgical Change, on the Eve of Vatican II
  • II Episcopal Attitudes to Liturgical Change, on the Eve of Vatican II
  • Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta - Online Library
    Roman Rite of Pope Paul VI
  • Novus Ordo Lectionary
  • Lexicon
  • Cardinal Ratzinger's speech on the liturgy 10/24/98
  • Women's Ordination
  • HISTORY OF CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT,95 pages plain text,868KB
  • Roman Comments on New English Liturgy
  • Comments on New Rite of Baptism
  • Revision 2004-3 of the Novus Ordo
  • Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta
  • Archdiocese of Colombo Liturgy
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    Devotions & Saints

    Devotions Breviary & Hours
  • EWTN General information about Breviaries
  • Roman Missals
  • E-Breviary
  • E-Divine Office E-Links and Books
  • Online-Breviary
  • Little breviaries Books
  • Psalterium Dominica
  • Nocturnale Romanum Matins
  • General Rubrics for Hours IN Latin
  • Latin Mass Society England
  • Prayers and Devotions
  • Who needs the Rosary?
  • Breviaries and Little Offices of several Rites and Uses
  • Breviary and Liturgy of the Hours sedevacantist
  • Site In German, Monastic Office
  • The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Eucharist:
  • In Latin 1961 Breviarium Romanum
  • EWTN Library, Search
  • Saints Alive
  • Catholic Forum
  • Angel Kiss
  • Monks of Adoration
  • Feast of Saints
  • Links to Lives of Saints
  • St. Colman Mac Duagh
  • English Martyrs Blogspot
  • Jeanne d'Arc
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    Traditional Mass Locations

    Mass and Divine Liturgy Sites for Traveling Traditionalists
  • A Registry Of Traditional Latin Masses, USA and Canada
  • Link to Maps showing TLM sites in 1989 & 2005
  • USA and Canada Latin Mass Churches
  • Mass in England, The Latin Mass Society
  • Eastern & Oriental Catholic Directory
  • Ukrainian Catholic Parishes Canada
  • Byzantine Worship Videos
  • World listing TLM English
  • World listing TLM German
  • World listing TLM Spanish
  • World listing TLM Latin
  • World listing TLM Portuguese
    Mass Sites
  • San Diego Traditional Mass Community
  • Archdiocese of Detroit Latin Mass Site
  • Mass Site Troy New York
  • Picture Site For Troy New York Parish
  • Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin NJ
  • Christ the King Sarasota Fla.
  • Latin Mass Community North Boston
  • Sidney Australia
  • Vancouver B.C. Traditional Mass
  • FSSP personal Parish in Vancouver, BC
  • Complete list of indult Masses in Poland
  • Northern Europe, Denmark
  • Saint Clement, Ottawa Canada
  • Brazil, Apostolic Administration of St. John Mary Vianney
  • St. Clements Ottawa
  • Old St. John's Catholic Church in Silver Spring, Maryland

    Rochester N.Y. Latin Mass Community
    St. Thomas the Apostle Church 4536 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14617

    Sunday Traditional Latin Mass
    Confessions prior to and after Mass

    Churches, Offices(585) 544-8880
    Contact Information
    Latin Mass Priest Contact: Rev. Dennis Bonsignore
    St. Anne Church
    1600 Mt Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

    Traditional Mass Videos

  • Mass for the Last Sunday after Pentecost SSPX Paris
  • UTube Directly to a Solemn High Mass side bar with many Masses Return to Top

    Organizations for Traditional Catholics

    Traditional Roman Rite Apostolate
  • Una Voce International With one voice
  • Una Voce U.S.A.
  • Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei
  • Latin-Mass-Society, England
  • The Latin Mass Society of Ireland
  • Christifideles N. Y., N. Y.
  • Keep The Faith
  • Paris Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage Photographs 2005
  • Notre-Dame de Chrétienté - Pentecost pilgrimage from Notre-Dame de Paris to Notre-Dame de Chartres in English
  • Vancouver Traditional Mass Society
  • Young Catholic Adults (YCA), St. Benet’s Hall Oxford UK
  • Philippe Guy's cellar?
  • Liturgia France
  • Apologia
  • The Daily Catholic
  • Fr. Ripperger's, Sensus Traditionis.Web Site
  • CIEL UK; "center International D'Etudes Liturgiques"-International Committee for Liturgical Studies
  • CIEL USA; "center International D'Etudes Liturgiques"-International Committee for Liturgical Studies
  • Pontifical High Mass at Oxford, CIEL
  • CIEL conference 2006
  • Roma Æterna, Italy, Italian
  • St. Joseph Foundation
  • YCA (Young Catholic Adults) Britain
  • YCA Blog Britain
  • Usus Antiquior A quarterly journal
  • Paix Liturgique U.K.
  • The Society of St. Catherine of Siena
  • Philippines
  • Summorumpontificum.net
  • Gregorian-Rite.com
  • Orbiscatholicus.org
    Traditional Roman Rite Mass Sites and Una Voce Chapters
    Una Voce Chapters and Affiliates
  • Una Voce Western Washington
  • UV Hartford Connecticut
  • Una Voce of Kentucky and Southern Indiana
  • Una Voce New Jersey
  • Ecclesia Dei Society of Southwest Florida
  • Una Voce Charlotte NC
  • Una Voce delle Venezie
  • Una Voce delle Italy
  • Una Voce Germany
  • Pro Missa Tridentina, Germany
  • UV Hong Kong
  • Latin Mass Society of Ireland
  • Brandsma Review
  • Irish traditional- St. Patrick's Academy - near Castlebar, Co. Mayo
  • UVA Boston
  • Latin Mass Community North Boston
  • UVA New Hampshire
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    Liturgical Texts, Documentation, Music

  • Local Archive of Roman documents related to The Traditional Roman Rite
    Missals & Liturgical instructions
  • Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
  • Tutorial for the Traditional Latin Mass with downloads
  • The treasure of the Traditional Latin Mass is explained here
  • Traditional Mass Forms
  • Propers of the Traditional Latin Mass
  • Propers TLM
  • Traditional Ordo 1962
  • Traditional Latin Mass Text
  • Latin liturgical texts
  • Missal Latin Russian
  • The Code of General Rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum
  • 1806 English language missal for the laity
  • "Celebration of the Mass," by O'Connell
  • "The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described"
  • "Compendio di Liturgia Pratica, Italian"
  • Lexicon
  • Traditional Mass Tutorial
  • Traditional Mass Rubrics
  • For Laity, when to sit, stand and kneel.
  • 1962 Missal Latin sung Propers
  • Advent Preface
  • Traditional Baptism
  • Traditional Confirmation
  • Traditional Rite Wedding
  • Traditional Ordination
  • Chinese-Latin Missal, Go to VIEW, then ENCODING, then choose CHINESE TRADITIONAL
    Reflections on Liturgy
  • Russian Orthodox Church, Liturgy
    Prayer, History, Miscellaneous
  • Prayer before connecting to the Internet
  • Roman Correspondence about Ecclesia Dei
  • Thesaurus Precum Latinarum
  • Divine Praises
  • Catholic Prayers
  • Fish eaters.com
  • The Reform of the Roman Mass Liturgy in the Sixteenth Century
  • German Site with Pictures of Gregorian Rite
  • Latin Masss Text
  • Divino Afflatu
  • Dominican rite Mass
  • Ambrosian rite's ordinary
  • Dom F. Cabrol's "Mass of the Western Rites"
  • Western Rites, Time Line
  • Local Archive of articles by Guillermo de Carndonagh
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    Roman Rite Religious Orders using the Traditional Latin Mass

  • Tradvocations blog
    Orders for men
  • Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce list of Traditional Priestly Societies and Religious Orders
  • Apostolic Administration of St. John Mary Vianney
  • Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter F.S.S.P.
  • News items at F.S.S.P.
  • Statistics on F.S.S.P.
  • Downloads and CDs on F.S.S.P.
  • F.S.S.P., Roman web site
  • The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Australia
  • Fraternité Saint-Vincent-Ferrier
  • Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
  • Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
  • Institute of the Good Shepherd
  • Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Carmel
  • Institute of St. Philip Neri
  • The Institute of St. Philipp Neri - Berlin Germany
  • Opus Mariae Mediatricis
  • Knights Templars, of Siena Italy "Ordo Militiae Templi"
  • Religious Institute of the Holy Cross of Riaumont
  • Canons Regular of the Mother of God
  • Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem
  • Transalpine Redemptorists (blog)
    Benedictine Monasteries
  • Friends of Clear Creek Benedictine Monastery
  • Blog description of Clear Creek
  • Benedictines – Gaussan, FRANCE
  • Benedictines – Le Barroux
  • Benedictines – Randol
  • Benedictines – St. Pierre de Clairac
  • Monastère Saint-Benoît at La Garde-Freinet France

    Monasteries without Web Pages
    Fontgombault Right Rev. Dom Antoine Forgeot OSB Abbot Fontgombault FRANCE
    Gaussan Right Rev. Dom Marc Doat,OSB Abbot Lezignan Corbieres FRANCE
    Triors Right Reverend Dom Hervé Courau, OSB Abbot Chatillon Saint Jeans FRANCE

  • St. Benedict's Abbey (OSB-Fenny)
  • St. Benedict Center (MA) (MICM-Fenny)
    Traditional Orders for women
  • Benedictines – Le Barroux
  • Canonesses Regular of the Mother of God
  • Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles
  • Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest
  • Discalced Carmelites - Valparaiso, Nebraska
  • Oblates of Mary, Queen of the Apostles
  • Servitores
  • Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at St. Benedict center
  • Sisters of Carmel
  • Chapel of Sisters of Carmel
  • St. Benedict Center (NH) (MICM)
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    Orders without web pages
    Benedictines – Jouques Her Ladyship, Right Rev Mother Gabrielle de Trudon, O.S.B. Abbess Abbaye Notre-Dame-de- Fidélité 13490 Jouques FRANCE Tel: +33 4 425 780 17; Fax: +33 4 425 778 09
    Benedictines – Rosans Very Rev Mother Prioress, OSB Monastère Notre Dame de Miséricorde 05150 Rosans FRANCE Tel: +33 4 926 670 00; Fax: +33 4 926 670 02
    Sisters of the Most Precious Blood – Schellenberg Very Rev Mother M. Faustina Westner Superioress Im Dorf 56 FL-9488 Schellenberg LIECHTENSTEIN
    Sisters of the Most Precious Blood – St. Pelagiberg Very Rev Mother Superioress Schwestern vom Kostbaren Blut Kurhaus Marienburg CH-9225 St. Pelagiberg SWITZERLAND
    Dominicans of the Holy Ghost – Baffe Very Rev Mother Prioress Institution Saint Dominique 184, rue du Clos Mariotte 88460 Baffe FRANCE Teil: +33 3 29 33 24 67
    Dominicans of the Holy Ghost – Draguignan Very Rev Mother Prioress Institution Saint Joseph 269, rue Alphonse Daudet 83300 Draguignan FRANCE Tel: + 33 4 94 50 45 40
    Dominicans of the Holy Ghost – Nantes Very Rev Mother Prioress École Sainte Catherine de Sienne 32, rue de la Bastille 44000 Nantes FRANCE Tel: +33 2 40 20 22 01
    Dominicans of the Holy Ghost – Pontcalec Very Rev MotherMarie- Geneviève Prioress Couvent Notre-Dame-de- Joie 56240 Berne FRANCE Tel: +33 2 97 36 62 03
    Dominicans of the Holy Ghost – Saint Cloud Very Rev Mother Prioress Institution Saint-Pie X 19, rue des Écoles 92210 Saint-Cloud FRANCE Tel: +33 1 46 02 58 43
    Religious Victims of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Marseille Very Rev Mother Superioress Monastère des Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus 52 rue Lavat 13003 Marseille FRANCE Tel: + 33 4 91 50 29 21
    Institute of Servants of Mary Queen of Apostles Very Rev Sister Margarita, Superioress PO Box 3643, Columbus, OH 43210 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Tel.: +1 614 292-2744; E-mail: servitores@sbcgloba l.net

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    Traditional Roman Rite Discussion Groups

  • To subscribe to groups. Use web links below or e-mail. For e-mail replace word group with group name and
    send a blank e-mail to group-subscribe@groups.yahoo.com
  • Groups are:
  • CTNgreg General Discussion
  • CTNLatin Latin
  • CTN-Jogues Social Doctrine/Current Issues
  • CTNMary Traditional Catholic prayer & devotions
  • CTNMusic Music
  • CTNAugustine Philosophy
  • CTNBosco Education
  • CTNNeri Humor
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    Bookstores, Periodicals, Church Goods

    Bookstores Organizations
  • Fraternity Publications F.S.S.P.
  • CIEL UK; International Committee for Liturgical Studies
  • Saint Gregory Society
  • Angelus Press, SSPX book outlet
  • The Abbey Shop
  • All Catholic Books
  • Catholic Home
  • Catholic Treasures
  • Catholic One Shop
  • Pro Multis Books
  • Roman Catholic Books
  • Saint Austin Press
  • Saint Remi Group USA,Books
  • St. Athanasius Press
  • Tan Books
  • Grove Books (Anglican) Joint Liturgical Studies, UK
  • Vatican Publishing house:
  • Vatican Publishing house: Alternate URL
  • Larry's Books
  • Public domain Audio books
  • Saint Michael’s Abbey Press, Farnborough
  • Preserving Christian Publications
  • AD2000 Books
    Bookstores Children
  • Children's Books; Bethlehem Books
    Bookstores Used
  • Acton bookshoppe
  • Used Books; abebooks.com
    Bookstores New Roman Rite
  • Ignatius Press "New Rite"
  • Our Sunday Visitor Almanac on line "New Rite"
  • Zenit Daily WEB News
  • Inside the Vatican, Periodical
  • New Oxford Review
  • First Things
  • Touchstone Magazine; Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox
  • Catholic Herald U.K.
  • Remnant Newspaper
  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars in Australia
    Church Goods
  • Serpone Vestments
  • Vestments, Embroidery One
  • Vestments, Embroidery Two
  • Society for the Preservation Of Roman Catholic Heritage
  • Used Church Items, McDonald, PA {Pittsburgh}
  • Wippell's in England
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    Other Western Rites

    Ambrosian Rite
  • Ambrosian Liturgy:
  • General Information, Ambrosian Breviary:
  • Ambrosian Rite and Liturgy:,Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Photos of a Missa Cantata
  • Ambrosian Rite
  • Ambrosian Rite 2
    Catholics of Anglican Use, and other Anglicans
  • Anglican use parish St. Athanasius
  • Anglican use parish St. Mary the Virgin
  • Anglo Catholics "Protestants" One
  • Nullity of Anglican, Protestant, Orders
    Mozarabic Rite
  • La Ermita
  • At geocities
  • Archi Madrid
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    Bibles and Bible language Aramaic, Latin & Greek

    Aramaic, Latin & Greek Languages
  • Aramaic
  • Try Prima Latina ( Latin Primer) by Leigh Lowe
  • Read, Study, Pray in Latin
  • Salesian University offers courses in Latin on this Web page
  • Greek dictionary
  • Greek fonts
  • Greek and Latin Translations at Tufts University
  • Greek Dictionary by Alphabet
  • English Greek Dictionary at University of Chicago
  • Catalogue Of Latin Materials
  • To hear the news in Latin see
  • Open University's Interactive Latin web site
    Bible Sites
  • Searchable Vulgate & Douay Bibles, Downloads
  • Douay-Rheims, Scriptours
  • Bible Versions and Translations links to numerous Translations
  • Vulgate
  • Speed Bible Vulgate/
  • Latin Vulgate with Translations
  • Online Study Bible, many Protestant versions
  • Bibles Greek with Translations and downloads
  • Greek New Testament
  • Unbound Bible
  • St. Jerome Biblical Guild
  • Deutsche Bibel Gesellschaft
  • Sixto-Clementine
  • Scripture Catholic
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    Church Music & Chant, Art

    Music and Chant
  • Gregorian Chant Yale University
  • Gregorian Chant Italy
  • Roman Chant
  • Hymns of Faith and Inspiration
  • Vatican Site MP3s for downloading Chant and Classical
  • Some Information about Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Church Music
  • A Short Course in Gregorian Chant
  • A MIDI Collection of Traditional Catholic Hymns & The Liber Usualis
  • Instruction on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy 1958
  • World Wide Music
  • Chant CD
  • Gregorian Chant group Canada
  • Chant mp3's
  • Old Roman Chant from the Byzantine period, 7th-8th centuries
  • Serbian Orthodox Church history and music
  • Coptic Church, Multimedia, needs RealPlayer
  • Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Mr. Lycourgos Angelopoulos
  • Church Music Association of America
  • Gregorian Schola
  • U of Rochester - Eastman - Sibley library online project
  • Choral Public Domain Library
  • musica sacra (for the Chant)
  • The complete works of Victoria
  • Musica Religiosa online
  • The Monks of Norcia
    Church Art, Interior's Sanctuary Screens
  • St. Mark's in Venice
  • In the East icons were eventually placed between the columns
  • In the West this sanctuary screen was combined with the pulpits and wall of the Schola
  • Art Cyclopedia, The Passion of Christ
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    Separated Brethren Western Catholic & Protestant

  • Protestants & Others
    Polish National Catholic
  • Official Polish National Catholic Church Site
  • Polish National Catholic History
  • Savonarola Theological Seminary of the Polish National Catholic Church
    "Old" Catholic
  • A Brief Introduction to Old Catholic Thought
  • Christ the King Theological Seminary
  • History of "The old Roman Catholic Church"
  • "The old Roman Catholic Church"
  • The Catholic Apostolic National Church
    Society of Saint Pius X
  • Society of St. Pius X News
  • General Headquarters, Menzingen, CH
  • SSPX District of Asia
  • District of Austalia & New Zealand
  • Britian
  • SSPX District of Canada
  • SSPX District of France
  • SSPX District of Germany
  • SSPX Holland
  • SSPX District of Ireland
  • SSPX District of Italy
  • SSPX Poland
  • SSPX District of South Africa
  • SSPX District of Switzerland
  • SSPX District of USA
  • SSPX sponsored Angelus Press
  • US Seminary
  • International Seminary (Econe)
  • Holy Cross Seminary (Goulburn)
  • St. Mary's Academy & College, Kansas, USA
  • Alternative site SSPX Documents
  • Multi Part Talk given by Bp. Fellay SSPX on the Moto Proprio, parts on Utube
    Sede vacante groups
    From Wikipedia 2002 Conference on the "sede vacante" thesis Society of St. Pius V Friars Minor Rochester N.Y.
    Western Orthodox
  • Western Orthodox
  • Ad Orientem is the blog of a recent convert to Orthodox Christianity
  • Western Orthodox Blog
  • Blog ORTHODIXIE, Southern, Orthodox, Convert
  • On the Filioque
  • A web site dedicated to the study of Orthodox Christianity
    Eastern Orthodox - Using Western Rite
  • Tridentine Rite
  • Milan Synod / Old Calendarist
  • Sarum Mass as used by the Russian Orthodox
  • Things Roman Catholics often don’t understand about Eastern Orthodoxy


  • Listing of various Protestants


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