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    Free Software
    Adobe Reader
  • "Basic Version 8.7MB"

    Program alternatives to Adobe:
  • Free PDF writer "PrimoPDF"
  • Pdf995 4.3MB

    Image Viewer, editor
  • Irfanveiw

    Open Office, Program alternative to Microsoft Office:
  • Main Page Open Office


    Listing a link to a site in no way implies that I endorse or agree with the contents of the target site. Some linked sites offer content for research and learning, others contain alternative opinions a few provide software. It is your responsibility to evaluate each site's contents.
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  • Virus or Spyware Emergency

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    Do not panic!

    If your system acts like it is possessed by demons, if it staggers and stumbles, if it has slowed to a crawl, do not panic. With a little attentive care you can probably get it back to normal.
    FILL YOUR TOOL BOX: With tools listed below.

      Tools to kill Adware, Spyware and other bad critters


    1. Super AntiSpyware
    2. Malwarebytes

      Virus killers

      If your virus checking program is working update it. If not uninstall it & then

      Download>Install>Update Do not try to run two virus programs!

    3. Avast
    4. AVG

      Registry Cleaner and file clean up


    5. CCleaner


    6. Glary Utilities 100% freeware

    General Instructions

    1) Prepare your system for cleaning by downloading and installing all the tools above, Reboot. Run CCleaner in "cleaner mode" Reboot.
    2) Be sure to either activate the Windows fire wall or install a separate firewall program. Reboot
    3) Run updates on all your software. Reboot after each update install.
    4) Run CCleaner's Registry repair. Reboot
    5) Run Glary Utilities. Reboot
    6) Run the "defragmenter" program in Windows Programs >Accessories >System Tools.
    The emergency programs used will kill most common PC viruses and Spyware. These emergency programs are not a substitute for a secure system. A secure system should have an updated operating system, an updated virus program and an updated fire wall. For your convenience below on this page the following links are provided:
    1. Instructions and Information about malware
    2. Recommended software
    3. Useful Emergency Utilities
    4. Panda online virus Scan
    5. Free Wintel PC virus products

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    Instructions and Information

    Recommended software

    Fire Wall Program; help prevent Spyware and viruses from accessing your PC and broadcasting from it.

  • PC Fire wall Free version "Zone Alarm"

    Browser and Mail programs to use in lieu of Microsoft products

    1. Browser "Firefox" download
    2. Information on Firefox
    3. Mail Program Thunderbird download
    4. Information on Thunderbird

    Other Useful Utilities

    1. "Total Commander" alternative to windows explorer for working with files and directories
    2. Free "Adobe Reader"
    3. Free PDF writer "PrimoPDF"
    4. doPDF free PDF writer
    5. Email Stripper, clean up scrambled text
    6. "TextPad" Text and HTML Editor
    7. You send it. Web service for moving large files
    8. Trouble shooting Task Manager, a site link

    Open Office, Free Program alternative to Microsoft Office:

    1. Main Page Open Office
    2. Program Features
    3. Details on Excel alternative
    4. Details on Word alternative
    5. Details on Visio alternative
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    2. Search Engines


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