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  • Eastern Christian

  • General Reference
  • Eastern Catholic Churches News and Information
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Language and Bible links

    Religious Freedom

  • Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
  • Canon Law; St. Joseph Foundation
  • Keston, tracks religious freedom issues.
  • Catholic Near East Welfare Association

    General Reference

    Vatican Documents on Eastern Rites
  • When is dates for Holidays
    The Byzantine Catholic Struggle to exist in the U.S.A.
  • History, Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
    Reference Pages, Bookstores and Publications
  • Byzantine Catholic Lay Organization
  • Byzantine Daily Devotional
  • Intra-text Church and Historic Documents
  • Great Photos of Russia
  • Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Press & Bookstore
  • The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies
  • Oasiscenter Europe
  • Byzantine Catholic Prayerbook for the Home
  • Byzcath.org
  • Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford:
  • Byzantine Worship Videos

    Eastern Catholic Churches

  • Official web page Armenian catholic
  • Chronology of Erections of Catholic Dioceses
  • Maronite Lebanon and Syria
  • Official site of the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
  • Melkite Greek Catholic Church Information Center
  • The History of the Melkite Church, Phoenicia.org
  • Eparchy of Newton Melkite
  • Syro-Malabar Catholic ChurchIndia
  • Eparchy for Byzantines, Croatia at Krizevci

    Eastern Catholic Monasteries, Eparchial and Parish web sites

  • Ukrainian Archeparchy Canada
  • General Melkite
  • Melkite Parish of St. John
  • St. Michael Russian Catholic Church
  • St. Josaphat's Church, Rochester NY
  • Holy Transfiguration Skete, Eagle Harbor, MI
  • Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Redwood Valley, Ca. Ukrainian Catholic
  • Blog of Father Joseph of Holy Transfiguration Monastery
  • Holy Resurrection Monastery (Ruthenian) Eparchy of Van Nuys

    Eastern Catholic Churches News and Information

  • Radio Resurrection
  • Religious Information Service of Ukraine
  • Byzantine Catholic
  • St. Elias
  • The Divine Liturgy Project Blogspot

    Eastern Catholic Higher Education

  • Manor College in Jenkintown, PA
  • Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation


  • Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Mr. Lycourgos Angelopoulos
  • Serbian Orthodox Church history and music
  • Coptic Church, Multimedia, needs RealPlayer
  • Liturgica
  • Melchite Chants
  • Translation of some of the above Melchite Chants
  • Old Roman Chant from the Byzantine period, 7th-8th centuries
  • MP3, A Trisagion based on the Agnus Dei from the Missa de Angelis
  • MP3, The Creed based on Gregorian Credo III
  • MP3, The Anaphora based on the Sanctus from the Missa de Angelis
  • MP3, The Hymn to the Mother of God based on Salve Regina simplex
  • MP3, The Our Father based on Gregorian melody

    Eastern Orthodox Churches

  • Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Former Greek Catholics
  • Orthodox Church of America
  • St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral, OCA
  • Late, Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann
  • Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • Greek Orthodox Church Organization
  • Russian Orthodox
  • Russian Orthodox outside of Russia
  • Russian Orthodox Church, European
  • Russian Orthodox Church, Liturgy
  • Serbian Orthodox Church history and music
  • Serbian Orthodox Church
  • Serbian Orthodox Suffering Church in Kosovo
  • Serbian Orthodox Church, Kosovo "The land of the living past"
  • Things Roman Catholics often don´t understand about Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Orthodox Church News
  • A web site dedicated to the study of Orthodox Christianity
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States of America

    Wikipedia pages for various Ukrainian Orthodox Churches

  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kiev_Patriarchate
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian Autonomous Orthodox Church
  • Ukrainian Autonomous Orthodox Church

    Eastern Orthodox - Using Western Rite

  • Tridentine Rite
  • Milan Synod / Old Calendarist
  • Sarum Mass as used by the Russian Orthodox
  • St. Hiarion Monastery, Old Sarum Rite

    Eastern Orthodox Blogs

  • Ad Orientem is the blog of a recent convert to Orthodox Christianity
  • Western Orthodox Blog
  • Southern US Orthodox
  • ORTHODIXIE ... Southern, Orthodox, Convert
  • Energetic Procession
  • On the Filioque
  • Political Neo-Con, Eastern Orthodox
  • Eastern Orthodox Church News
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Orthodox Arts Journal
  • Road to Emmaus Journal Qrthodox

    Oriental Orthodox

  • Armenian Apostolic Orthodox
  • Armenian Parish
  • Tewahedo Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  • Ethiopian Orthodox
  • Egyptian Coptic Orthodox
  • Coptic Orthodox Music
  • Coptic Church, Multimedia, needs RealPlayer
  • US Copts Association
  • Coptic Church Net
  • Coptic Church News, Egypt
  • Assyrian Church-Nestorians
  • Assyrian International News Agency

    Aramaic, Latin & Greek Language

  • Aramaic
  • Try Prima Latina ( Latin Primer) by Leigh Lowe
  • Salesian University offers courses in Latin on this Web page
  • Greek dictionary
  • Greek fonts
  • Greek and Latin Translations at Tufts University
  • Greek Dictionary by Alphabet
  • English Greek Dictionary at University of Chicago
  • Read, Study, Pray in Latin
  • Catalogue Of Latin Materials
  • To hear the news in Latin see
  • Open University's Interactive Latin website

    Bible Sites

  • Searchable Vulgate & Douay Bibles, Downloads
  • Bible Versions and Translations links to numerous Translations
  • Vulgate
  • Latin Vulgate with Translations
  • Online Study Bible, many Protestant versions
  • Bibles Greek with Translations and downloads
  • Greek New Testament


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