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  • Tea Leaves

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    Enjoy Your Cup!

    Tea too Bitter!, Too Hot, Too Long

      Tools to for Tea In addition to these most web sites have a Tea Ware Section

      Kettles, Pots, Scales and Thermometers

    1. Enjoying Tea Good source of Tea pots & Accessories $60 Free Ship
    2. The Fragrant Leaf Guide to Taiwan teas
    3. Stash Tea and Tea pots
    4. Adjustable Temperature Kettle

    General Instructions

    1) Use water you like to drink
    2) Warm your pots and cups
    3) Measure your loose tea or place your tea bags in your brew pot
    4) Warm your water to the correct temperature
    5) Set your timer and pour water into brew pot, cover with a cozy
    6) When timer times out decant tea into serving pot and enjoy
  • Tea Brewing and Storage PDF
  • Green Tea Brewing PDF
    1. INDIA
    2. TAIWAN
    3. CHINA & JAPAN
    4. North America and Europe
    5. Tea Reference

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      Indian tea Watch for Singlijan Cream of Assam

    1. Assam Tea Company, US based Assam and herbal $60 Free Ship DHL Express
    2. Tea Box a wider selection Teas Assam and Darjeeling $50 Free Ship DHL/FedX
    3. Thunderbolt Darjeeling tea


    1. Tea from Taiwan, Oolong & Oolong Gaba $60 Free Ship
    2. Mountain tea Taiwan, Oolong $75 Free Ship
    3. Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company Oolong and Green
    4. Taiwan tea crafts
    5. Taiwan leaf tea
    6. Eco-Cha Organic
    7. Floating Leaves tea

    China & Japan

    1. Tea Vivre Chinese loose Tea & Tea pots $40 Free Ship
    2. The Fragrant Leaf Guide to Taiwan teas
    3. Green Tea Shizuokatea from Japan & Green Gaba $40 Free Ship
    4. Tea from Japan Hibiki-An

    North America and Europe

    1. Camellia-Sinensis Canada $50 Free Ship
    2. Barry's Irish Tea USA Outlet
    3. Tea Dog Bagged tea British Isles, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka $6.99 Flat $75 Free
    4. Charleston-Tea-Plantation Tea Grown in U.S.A.
    5. Enjoying Tea Good source of Tea pots & Accessories $60 Free Ship
    6. Rishi Broad selection USDA Organic tea
    7. Smith tea
    8. Republic of Tea, bags and Loose
    9. Tea Pots English Tea Store
    10. Stash Tea
    11. Twining's
    12. Ashbys' Tea at Cyber Cucina
    13. Adagio teas

    Yuppy Tea Vendors

    1. Grace Tea
    2. Tea Luxe
    3. Chai Diaries
    4. Capital Teas
    5. Teas etc
    6. Simpson & Vail Inc.
    7. Harney & Sons
    8. Tea Source

    Tea Reference

    1. History_of_tea_in_China
    2. Tea-manufacturing SLIDE SHOW
    3. Wiki Taiwanese tea
    4. Upasitea Research tea-manufacturing
    6. Tea Genius Information about Tea


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