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    Free Software
    Adobe Reader
  • "Basic Version 8.7MB"

    Program alternatives to Adobe:
  • Free PDF writer "PrimoPDF"
  • Pdf995 4.3MB

    Image Viewer, editor
  • Irfanveiw

    Open Office, Program alternative to Microsoft Office:
  • Main Page Open Office


    Listing a link to a site in no way implies that I endorse or agree with the contents of the target site. Some linked sites offer content for research and learning, others contain alternative opinions a few provide software. It is your responsibility to evaluate each site's contents.
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  • Search Engines

    This is a link to a Tutorial on Locating and Evaluating Information on the Internet. An instructional page with links and examples.

    Search Engines This Page

    1. Popular Search Engines
    2. People Phone Books Highway Exits
    3. Hoaxes, Scams, Urban Legends
    4. Reference Documents and Links
    5. Medical Reference - Recipes
    6. Translations & Dictionaries
    7. Donot Call

    Popular Search Engines

  • Search for a WEB site, Google
  • Search for academic papers and articles, Google Scholar
  • Ask, search a question
  • About-Com
  • Dog pile combine from top search engines
  • Draze Compare Google, Yahoo and MSN with ONE search
  • Clusty queries several top search engines
  • Rollyo Roll your own search engine
  • Cha Cha, refined info search
  • Stumble Upon, rate and refine search
  • Kosmix, search by categories
  • netTrekker Educational search engine K-12
  • Technorati tracking 81.2 million blogs
  • Contains; encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations
  • The Reference Desk, links to periodicals and references
  • Electronic Journals & Newspapers, University of Michigan
  • Virtual Engineering Center, contains Technical dictionaries
  • Link to compendium of Murphy's Laws
  • Encyclopedia & dictionary
  • Wikipedia
  • Wiktionary
  • How stuff works
  • Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States

    People Phone Books Highway Exits

  • Who Where, Person business search
  • Who is?
  • Switch board white and yellow pages
  • Bigfoot White pages
  • Rochester N.Y. Phone Book
  • Rest areas and Exits US Route 86/17
  • Rest areas and Exits US Route 390
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    Hoaxes, Scams, Urban Legends

  • Urban Legends
  • Truth or Fiction
  • Snopes, political analysis not reliable
  • Medical Quack Watch
  • Fraud Discovery Institute:
  • Trinity Foundation: Charity Frauds
  • Securities Administrators Association: Financial Frauds

    Reference Documents and Links

    Government & Think Tanks
  • New Library of Congress
  • Congressional Research Services, Reports
  • Contact your Representative, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Contact your U.S. Senator
  • Zip Codes at UPS
  • American Institutes for Research: "Real ED stats"
  • US Government Education statisics
  • US standings on International Exams
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Census Bureau:
  • Hudson Institute
  • NYS DEC region 8 home page
  • NYS Sportsman Education Program
  • NYS DEC Maps
  • Big Game Hunting Seasons NYS DEC
    Science & Technology

    Agriculture and Wildlife

  • New Wild Republic, Interactive Bird Watching
  • Bee Keepers
  • Planting Zones
  • Tree Guide


  • Disable each XP "service" XP Super Tweaks
  • Black Viper Tweaks, Site Map
  • MS is tracking your music!
  • MS description of these spy "services"
  • MS tutorial on services in XP
  • A listing of most things in Task manager
  • Answers that work, the home of practical computing
  • Windows Commands, command line
  • Windows XP command line
  • Windows XP command line syntax
  • Batch File examples and Utilities


  • Great Physics Site, Georgia State
  • Advice from Einstein
  • Original disclosure of Murphy's Laws
  • NIST, Constants units and uncertainty
  • NIST, Constants
  • NIST, Units
  • NIST,Uncertainty
  • Demographic Data Subscription service
  • Carbon footprint Calculator
  • IEEE Emerging Technologies
  • Research Channel
  • Sunrise Sunset Definitions
  • Sunrise Sunset Calendar
  • Classic Texts on Line at MIT
  • Smithsonian Magazine
  • The History Network
  • Medieval History
  • Today in history at D. W.
  • Intra-text Church and Historic Documents
  • Ancestry.com
  • Search Military Records, ancestry.com
  • Brainy Quotes
  • Antisemitism
  • New Vatican Library on Line
  • The Roman Theological Forum
  • The Catholic Library
  • CNS Catholic News Service
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • Fathers of the Church
  • The on-line Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham University
  • Catechisms on Line
  • Patristic Site Eastern Orthodox
  • Intra-text Church and Historic Documents
  • Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta - Online Library
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    Medical Reference

  • Harvard Medical
  • Duke Medical
  • American Dietetic Association
  • Lighten up with Liz
  • US Dept. of Education, Campus Crime Statistics
  • Intelihealth Aetna
  • MedicineNet
  • Good Site, Encyclopedia and other References, Full search
  • Library Search
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention
  • The Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, CDC
  • American Heart Association (1)
  • American Heart Association (2)
  • American Heart Association, Books
  • American Heart Association, Salt
  • World Health Map at Google
  • Health Grades hospitals
  • ABMS check doctors certification
  • NYS volume & mortality rates for surgeons
  • HHS data on hospital protocol compliance
  • Consumer Health Ratings


  • American Heart Association, Recipies
  • All Recipes
  • Healthy Foods and Recipes
  • Cooking Light
  • Recipe Source
  • Barbecue America a Recipe Source

    Translations & Dictionaries

  • Free Translation
  • Babel Fish
  • World Lingo, Translator
  • InterTran translations including Latin
  • Dictionary
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary
  • Online Etymology Dictionary
  • The Apostrophe Protection Society
  • English Greek Dictionary
  • Kypros Greek-English
  • Polish Translations


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