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    Free Software
    Adobe Reader
  • "Basic Version 8.7MB"

    Program alternatives to Adobe:
  • Free PDF writer "PrimoPDF"
  • Pdf995 4.3MB

    Image Viewer, editor
  • Irfanveiw

    Open Office, Program alternative to Microsoft Office:
  • Main Page Open Office


    Listing a link to a site in no way implies that I endorse or agree with the contents of the target site. Some linked sites offer content for research and learning, others contain alternative opinions a few provide software. It is your responsibility to evaluate each site's contents.
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  • Technology,Engineering, Science

  • Handbooks, Tutorials, Metrology, Imaging
  • Fiber Optics, General Science, Reference
  • Periodicals, Movies

    Free Handbooks

    1. SI Practice and units conversion NIST 811 On this site
    2. SI Implementation NIST 330 On this Site
    3. Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results
    4. UV Glossary
    5. NIST Updated list of Physical Constants
    6. NIST Publications page
    7. Engineering Toolbox
    8. Radiotron Designers Handbook and other Old radio manuals
    9. Radiotron Designers Handbook
    10. Heathkit Schematic Diagram Archive

    Technical tutorials and Reference

  • Spark, online engineering publication for Teens
  • Advice from Einstein
  • Original disclosure of Murphy's Laws
  • Link to compendium of Murphy's Laws
  • Try Engineering
  • Free Online Courses


    1. A summary of most units of measurement in use today
    2. U.S.A. National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST
    3. NIST, Constants units and uncertainty
    4. NIST, Constants
    5. NIST, Units
    6. NIST,Uncertainty
    7. American National Standards Institute ANSI
    8. Lightning Detectors
    9. Carbon footprint Calculator

    Imaging and Color

    1. Color Tutorial and Optical Illusions
    2. Color Consortium
    3. Color Management Products by EColor
    4. Photo jojo, discussion of camera specs.
    5. "Irfan View" Image viewer and editor
    6. Opanda Image file iExif editors
    7. Opanda Free Image file iExif reader
    8. FotoMorph 13.2.4 Animation Software
    9. Jon Freivald's Photo site
    10. Hedgehog Camera Blog
    11. Digital Sensor Primer
    12. Sensor Dynamic Range
    13. Make Nikon Sensor comparison Charts

    Fiber Optics

    1. Light Reading Weekly Optical Networking

    Archery most links to Hunters Friend a commercial site, with good technical information

    1. General and long overview of Specifications
    2. Kenetic Energy
    3. Eye Dominance
    4. Arrow Safty
    5. Draw Length
    6. Draw Weight
    7. Physics of Archery
    8. More Physics
    9. Compound Bow Physics 1
    10. Compound Bow Physics 2
    11. Cross Bows
    12. How Crossbows Work


    Cable and Wiring
    1. Cable selection tool
    1. Fixed resistors
    2. Resistors
    3. Attenuators
    4. Resistors
      1. Dynaco tube amps parts
      2. Dynaco tube amps 1
      3. Dynaco audio and other guitar tube amps
      4. Dynaco tube amps 2
      5. Dynaco solid state
      6. Manuals on line
      7. McIntosh parts & kit
      8. Vacuum-Tube-Amplifier
      Circuit Analysis
      1. Thevinen and Norton
      2. Free Analysis Software, PSpice 8.0
      3. Free PSpice Libraries for Version 8.0

      Physics and General Science

      1. Surface temperature measurement sites in the U.S.A.
      2. Great Physics Site, Georgia State
      3. Physics link, Optics
      4. Amusement Park Physics
      5. Kids science site
      6. About Capacitors
      7. Kids science site, energy and units
      8. Natural Gas information PDF
      9. Speaker Building

      Swiss Government Sites

      1. Energy Office
      2. Environment Office
      3. Agriculture Office
      4. Report on bio-fuel

      Reference Sites

      Dictionaries and Libraries
      1. Virtual Engineering Center, contains Technical dictionaries
      2. 30,000 pages of engineering fundamentals
      3. All the acronyms you could think of!
      4. Dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology
      5. Library Resources; link to many libraries and text resources
      6. HP calculator museum
      7. Library of Congress
      8. Webopedia Technical reference
      9. Some of Everthing!

      Auto, Industrial and Other references
      1. Microscopy Society of America
      2. Corning Glass Museum
      3. U.S.A. Department of Energy
      4. UV Radiation Measurement and UV Curing
      5. Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation
      6. Federal Statistics
      7. Car Talk,"Click and Clack","Our Lousy Radio Show"
      8. Hack your VW or Audi with a laptop
      9. Hack your US domestic car with a laptop; autotap
      10. Hack your US domestic car with a laptop; rinda
      11. Hack your US domestic car with a laptop or Palm; software for cars
      12. Canadian Driver high milage cars
      13. Canadian Driver high milage VW
      14. Technology Commerce Society Daily
      15. Research Channel


      1. Science News
      2. NASA Science News
      3. International Journal of Modern Engineering
      4. Smart Planet
      5. Feature articles from THE BENT of Tau Beta Pi, Adobe Format
      6. Brain Ticklers from THE BENT of Tau Beta Pi
      7. IEEE Emerging Technologies

      Movies on the Web

      1. Cinema Now

      END LIST

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