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  • History and Culture

    History, Culture Links Updated 4-6-2008

  • Archæology, Heraldry, History
  • Literature, Latin & Greek, Bible
  • Music
  • Visual Art, Film
  • Food and Drink

    History and Culture


  • Biblical Archæology Review


  • Coats of Arms
  • Civic Arms
  • More Heraldry Links
  • Medieval Source book:
  • Flags
  • Burkes-Peerage


  • Vatican Library on Line
  • Christian Classics
  • The Catholic Library
  • Open University Main page
  • Calendar Issues
  • When is dates for Holidays
  • Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham University
  • Ancient History Sourcebook at Fordham University
  • Public domain texts Modern European and World history
  • Some of Everthing!
  • Institute and Museum of the History of Science Florence ITALY
  • May Catholics Join Masonic Lodges?
  • The Worldwide School Library
  • British Museum
  • News from 3000+ Museums
  • Biblical Archaeology News
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  • Classic Texts on Line at MIT
  • An Evelyn Waugh Web site
  • Baen Free Libary, Sci-Fi downloads
  • Thesaurus
  • Orestes Brownson Society: Complete writings of the greatest of American intellects.
  • Robert A. Heinlein, society
  • About, Robert A. Heinlein
  • Nitro Syncretic, Si-Fi
  • We grokit, Si-Fi
  • Public domain Audio books
  • U of R documents on line in PDF. Enter topic in search window and select library. Click search-A list of texts come up. Click on desired text-Library description come up. Near upper left of description is link to PDF of text.
  • Clean Joke Blog
  • Dictionary Reference
  • Grammer Tips
  • Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
    Latin & Greek Language
  • Salesian University offers courses in Latin on this Web page
  • Greek dictionary
  • Greek fonts
  • Greek and Latin Translations at Tufts University
  • Greek Dictionary by Alphabet
  • English Greek Dictionary at University of Chicago
  • Ipasource Latin
    Bible Sites
  • Searchable Vulgate & Douay Bibles, Downloads
  • Vulgate
  • Latin Vulgate with Translations
  • Bibles Greek with Translations and downloads
  • Greek New Testament
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  • More Brass Bands
  • World Wide Music
  • Hyper Score, Free create music program from MIT
  • Early Instrumental Music
  • The British Library collection of recordings
  • Jazz 90.1FM
  • Muscle Shoals PBS
  • Movie Muscle Shoals
  • Independent Lens Muscle Shoals
  • Shop PBS


  • Mike Hayes Bourbon County

    Church Music & Chant

  • Gregorian Chant Yale University
  • Gregorian Chant Italy
  • Vatican Site MP3s for downloading Chant and Classical
  • Some Information about Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Church Music
  • A Short Course in Gregorian Chant
  • A MIDI Collection of Traditional Catholic Hymns & The Liber Usualis
  • Instruction on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy 1958
  • Chant CD
  • Gregorian Chant group Canada
  • Chant mp3's
  • Old Roman Chant from the Byzantine period, 7th-8th centuries
  • Serbian Orthodox Church history and music
  • Coptic Church, Multimedia, needs RealPlayer
  • Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Mr. Lycourgos Angelopoulos
  • Church Music Association of America
  • Gregorian Schola
  • MP3, A Trisagion based on the Agnus Dei from the Missa de Angelis
  • MP3, The Creed based on Gregorian Credo III
  • MP3, The Anaphora based on the Sanctus from the Missa de Angelis
  • MP3, The Hymn to the Mother of God based on Salve Regina simplex
  • MP3, The Our Father based on Gregorian melody
  • Choral Public Domain Library
  • musica sacra (for the Chant)
  • The complete works of Victoria
  • U of R documents on line in PDF. Enter topic in search window and select library. For music scores select: ESM-Sibley Music Library. Click search-A list of scores come up. Click on desired score-Library description come up. Near upper left of description is link to PDF of score or book.
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    Visual Art

  • Icons, Benedictine Skete, Marydale Scotland
  • California Museum of Photography
  • George Eastman House; Photography
  • Interesting visual effects
  • Art Cyclopedia
  • Art in Hungary
  • Great Photos of Russia
  • Echoes of Creation - An artist's thoughts on living the simple, and beautiful life
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    Food and Drink


  • Beer Advocate


  • Easy to digest Coffee
  • Coffee Reviews
  • Peets Coffee basics and vendor
  • Gevalia


  • North American Foods
  • America's Test Kitchen, (Information from TV series)
  • All Recipes
  • Cooking Light
  • International Food
  • Spices
  • Recipe Source
  • Cooks Illustrated Magazine
  • Learn2 Cook
  • Food from India
  • Barbecue'n On the Net
  • Beef Imformation


  • Adagio teas
  • Batdorf Tea and Coffee
  • Stash Teas
  • Twinings Tea
  • Numi Tea
  • Ashbys Tea at Coffee Masters


  • Dr. Frank Premium N. Y. Wines
  • Wine Com
  • Wine Lovers' Page
  • Wine Enthusiast

    Government forms and regulations

  • Fed discrimination law, age
  • AgeRights.com


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