Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ELO Finishes Second In New Rolling Stone Poll

ELO finished second to Rush in Rolling Stone's official list of the Rock’s Undisputed Guilty Pleasure Bands. According to the article posted on website, "Like the rest of the acts on our list (which you helped put together), we love them (Rush) to death, and can never forgive ourselves".

I guess it's better not to have won?

The article is just one reason why this music fan doesn't read the magazine anymore. It's bad enough that they had to copy Q magazine by publishing a guilty pleasures list. Their derision cloaked in reluctant praise falls short of being funny. What's laughable is that Rolling Stone thinks it's still relevant.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Alpacas Orgling

I've been reading a lot about L.E.O., a Wilbury-esque creative outlet for musicians from bands including Jellyfish, Candy Butchers, and the Black Crowes, among others. What is unique is their spot on tribute to 70's power pop (read ELO, The Move, Sweet, Cheap Trick).

Not Lame Records provides an excellent overview of the band and their new album, Alpacas Orgling. Be sure to listen to it as I'm sure the songs will soon grow on you.