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Fitting a medium power Tesla Coil into a Van for transport:

Don't underestimate your size requirements. The first time I tried to fit this in a Dodge Caravan was a geometry and an IQ test. It took a long time to figure out how to fit everything in. Both rows of seats had to be removed, that was a given. How to fit things in was not. 

This is just about everything staged and ready to load into the car. It takes about 20 minutes to load once you know where everything goes and there is a specific order for the load procedure.

This is the Van packed and ready to go. 
It is particularly difficult when it is about -12 degrees C and snowing like it was this day. My resonator did not like the temperature shock. After taking it to the cold Icould hear the polyurathane coating on the wires cracking and snapping. I didn't have a problem but it was very unsettling.

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