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The Torroid Construction:

I actually made two torroids for the magnifier configuration. They are basically the same. Both were very inexpensive to fabricate. There is a trick to making these and if you want me to elaborate, write me. I'm too lazy at the moment. Anyhow, the disk center is a sandwich of two round sheets of 0.25 inch luan plywood with about 8 sections of 2x2 about 2 inches long. I used molly anchors to attach the 2x2 sections to the drain pipe and with alot of force, glue and quick nailing, pulled the pipe tight against the luan sandwich and glued and nailed it together. The "handy man's secret weapon" (duct tape) was used to smooth out the outside of the corrogated drain pipe. After that, aluminum tape from center to center cut a special way was used to cover the whole mess from wrapped from center to center (very elongated trapezoidial cuts of aluminized tape). It is very strong, physically undestructable except for the aluminum tape but that is repairable fairly easily. See the final picture for complete view. The important thing is to assure that there are no sharp points on the torroid.

For those not skilled in torroid construction, it has to be a solid conductor disk shape in the center. If you have just a doughnut it appears as a shorted turn on the secondary and basically shorts out the field and will reduce, possibly severely, the coil output.

My son holding the unfinished torroid:

Shown in the duct taping process. After this I put on the aluminum tape I got at Home Depot for under $6.


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