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Rotary Gap Page:


My "To Be Integrated" Rotary Spark Gap:


This is the best 12 point rotary spark gap I have ever seen! It is awesome. It was designed and built by a good friend. I don't have permission to post his name yet so I'll leave it off. This Rotary Spark Gap has some awesome quenching power. At a rotation speed of 5000 RPM, the quenching velocity is 1696 Miles/Hour (2729 KM/Hour). This is the equivalent speed that the points are moving away from each other. This cuts the current flow off really fast! These are 0.25 inch tungsten rods. With these rods, with flat surfaces, the conduction ratio is 15%. This is the time that the rods are across from one another and can conduct. This spec is irrespective of velocity and is simple geometry.





My Current Rotary SG:


This image is a bit out of date as I have it configured a bit different but it does represent the basic configuration.


The rotary gap was designed and made by Ed Wingate. It is an awesome gap for a single break (double if you count both sides) rotary gap. I'm sure quenching would be better with more breaks but this is good for now. Ed has this balanced such that you don't even know it is running except for the "whir" of the wind around it. Ed is a retired tool and die maker and has top quality workmanship.



Closeup: (also the sign shown was made by Dave Sharpe. I purchased it from him at a Teslathon)




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