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This web site is for my general interests & hobbies, feel free to look around.

This is my latest finished project, a dining room table!
Here is a page of most of my Raspberry Pi Projects!
Here is a page for an Antique Sewing machine Project!
I just added some source code on the misc Programming page, check it out if you own
any DACAL (ZioTek) CD/DVD Carousels!

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Gerard A. Coco memorial page

Walter B. Crossman memorial page

Elizabeth (Betty) Crossman memorial page

Source Code:

I built a new computer table in 2008 and have been using it continuously.
AllSpark Computer Table -- Click me. Here's some pictures of the result!...

Counted Cross Stitich needlework:

In case anyone's wondering why I haven't posted new marquetry work on the site, quite frankly, it's due to lack of motivation.  Instead of spending the long (& very cold!) Minnesota Winter months doing jigsaw puzzles (gotta keep your mind sharp somehow!), I've spent the last three years doing counted cross-stitch needlework.   It's just as challenging as the jigsaw puzzles, and as an added bonus, you have something permanent to hang on your wall! As a computer nut, I find it amazing how much a cross-stitch picture looks pixelated.  Once I find the time (and the knowledge!), I'd like to design some software that will take any jpeg and convert it into a cross-stitch design. Counted-Cross-Stitch (pg 2) -- Click me.Here's some pictures of the results!...

Cross Stitch page 2Cross Stitch page 3

Some miscellaneous programming stuff for Linux & Windoze

My Marquetry Pictures -- Click me. Let's see the Marquetry...


My marquetry is for sale! Send me an e-mail if you're interested in purchasing one or more works.
New works are continually being added to the pages.
Marquetry is an art form that had its inception in ancient Egyptian wood mosaics. It was revived by ecclesiastic orders during the Renaissance and reached its highest levels of perfection in the 18th Century primarily as an embellishment on furniture for royalty. The primary material used is natural wood veneers from some 200 species of trees from all over the world. The marquetry artist selects species for the right combination of grain, color, and texture to create the impression he wants. The veneers are cut by knife or fretsaw into the various components that make up the picture. Once assembled the veneers are mounted on a rigid base, sanded and a finish is applied to protect the wood. The infinite variety of veneers, grain, and figuration insure a unique, one-of-a-kind product every time.
Caring for a picture is easy. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and should be protected from extremes of heat, moisture, and dryness. Periodic cleaning with a dry soft clean cloth, as you would with any fine wood, will preserve and enhance its finish and beauty.
I try to find subjects that are stylized (people & complex modern objects don't really look right with wood-grain all over them).
Note: I retain the copyright on ALL of my marquetry work.
All of the marquetry that is no longer available, due to being sold or given away is on the last page.

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