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My Aunt, Betty Crossman (born on 4/25/1926)

currently resides here:

Allison Care Center

I'm pretty sure that they will gladly take donations of any kind, so be generous!

My sister's greeting card website (www.ULoveCards.com)
Reconnect to Balance.com
Running Spirit Coaching.com


For those of you that are tired of the MSM (Main Stream Media) crap, that never seems to tell you the truth, check out: Zero Hedge.com

Cato University!
Links to Art Galleries & other art-related sites.

Here's a Linux/Mac/Windoze site:
http://www.squeak.org Squeak (Smalltalk) programming environment

A Much more professional-looking Smalltalk dialect (and it's free!):
Cincom Smalltalk (VisualWorks)

James T. Steichen
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