My Oldest Counted-CrossStitch work:

The next picture is called "Kitty Litter".  My son is autistic and he has a fixation on cats, so I made this picture for him.  (18" by 9" unstretched):

The next picture is entitled:  "Woodland Enchantress".
This picture was Donated to Allison Care Center in Lakewood Colorado in honor of my Aunt
Elizabeth (Betty) Crossman.
I really like how her cloak is semi-transparent at the ends.
I wish the beadwork & gilded stitching around the edges of her cloak was more obvious in the picture.
Dimension Designs does a wonderful job in designing their artwork:

The next picture is a Wizard defending himself from a Dragon.  A picture typically takes around 4 months to complete.  The picture is unframed:

The next picture is called "Holiday Village".  Unfortunately, you cannot see all the sequins in the large Christmas tree or elsewhere (16" by 12" unstretched):

These are some of the counted-crosstitch pictures that I've completed. The content of the pictures was done by someone else, I just did the stitching.

The cross-stitch kits can be found at:
Dimension Designs
or: Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores

The next picture is a still-life of a bouquet of flowers and a violin on a table:

"Temple Tiger" - A tiger in repose:

The next picture is entitled:  "Paris Market".
The picture is unstretched and unframed at 15" by 11" in size:
(Given to a neighbor)

The next picture is called "Beautiful Victorian House."   the picture is 14" by 11" in size (unframed):
Given to a neighbor.

The next picture is called "Scarlet Wizard."   The picture is 14" by 17" in size (unframed):

The last picture is called "A Summer Stroll."
This picture was given to a neighbor.
The picture is roughly stretched at 10-1/4" by 18-1/4" in size (unframed):
Given to a neighbor.

James T. Steichen
Date Last Modified: 10-Nov-2022