My Marquetry work (pg 6):

James T. Steichen
Date Last Modified: 02-Sep-2022

The pictures and boxes on this page were either sold or given to someone, so they are not for sale. They do represent some of my best work (remember, the actual work looks a lot better, so be kind!) Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Brennly's Box (NEW!)

Jake's Box (NEW!)

Connie's Box

Ron & Dianne's Lazy Susan (NEW!)

Katryn's Dragon Box

Isis & Osiris Box

John's Train Box

Cathy's Fairy Box

TV Stand

Laura's Box (Athena)

Large Fairy Box

3-way LoudSpeakers

Lady with a Fan

Fuki Saburo

Grandma Lang's Lighthouse

The Hermit

Queen-size FootBoard

Fan Lady

Tenjiku Tokobei


Tall Egyptian Chest of Drawers

Kauri Box

Eisho Beauty (Waitress) {SOLD!}

IcthyoArchetypicus (given to Minnesota DNR)