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James T. Steichen
Date Last Modified: 28-Jan-2013

Some time in 2007, I decided to build another custom PC with more up-to-date parts than the one I'm currently using.  Even though a lot of cool "modded" cases and PCs are out there, I wanted it to be completely different from most PC boxes out there.  I also wanted it to be relatively hidden from view because I'm fed up with most of the desk real estate being taken up with the PC box.  I remembered that someone had made a custom Amiga and built it into a table, so that's the design I settled on.   Since I do a lot of woodworking and furniture-making, I also decided to make my version of a computer table out of Walnut with a Cherry-framed Lexan top, instead of entirely metal and plastic, like the Amiga table.   My computer table is like a display case, with the internal components of the computer on display inside the table.

Design Objectives:

  • Interior of the table should look like part of the AllSpark (From the Transformers Movie).
  • Virtually silent operation.
  • Interface to the GPIB bus, especially the Hp 1631D Logic Analyzer I possess.
  • Interface to the SCSI bus.
  • Elimination of most of the desktop clutter associated with having the PC box and monitor on top of a table.
  • Elimination of most of the extra power cords (and wall warts) associated with external peripherals.
  • Table should be smaller than the current table in my den so that there's more room for the printer and scanner.
  • Advanced graphics support for a larger monitor.
  • The final table size I decided on is 2 feet by 4 feet and around 29 inches tall.  I've included lots of pictures of the final result, but I decided against using these web pages to document how the build process went (I do have a life you know!).   You can find a video of the table in action at: youTube (Part 1) and youTube (Part 2).

    For those that have an interest in how the table was built, I've put together this page of pictures:

    Raw Table Base:

    Mounted Power Supply:

    Half-Assembled stage:

    Final Dry Fit:

    Final Interior Shot:

    Final Result: