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James T. Steichen
Date Last Modified: 02-Apr-2017

Since I have the expertise to build AND program Raspberry Pis, I've been turning some
Raspberry Pi SBC's (Single-Board-Computer) into some appliances
to use around the house. A Raspberry Pi is about the size of a credit card and looks like this:

Currently, I have three RaspberryPi V3 SBCs that have been used to build:

  • The piRadio, which serves as a clock-radio on my nightstand. It's made from
    Walnut, and has a 7" TouchScreen for a display. The Audio amplifier was purchased on
    PartsExpress.com. The piRadio also has a remote I.R. (infrared) mouse and a small USB 3.0
    Western Digital Passport hard disk attached. The piRadio connects to the internet via a
    wireless range extender in the Dining room, so I can listen to any internet radio station
  • The piWeather, which serves as a local weather display station in the Dining Room.
    The case is made from Mahogany. It also has a 7" Touchscreen for a display.
  • Rear view of the piWeather station. The upper green rectangle is the Raspberry Pi.
    The dark puck on top is an Infrared receiver for a remote mouse. The bottom area contains
    a voltage regulator and battery backup for the pi itself.
  • The piTestBed, which will be used to play music in the Living Room. The Pi and a
    small voltage regulator are the only things inside the gray box. The Audio amplifier on
    top (Kentiger HY-V10) was purchased on www.alieexpress.com
    I had to disconnect the (useless to me and quite annoying!) blinking lights over the
    adjustment knobs!
  • There is also an older, V1 Raspberry Pi mounted underneath my Son's PC table
    that is tied to a webcam on top of his monitor
  • I.R. Remote Mouse: