Roy Hartnell 30352, 1974-75, Top Camp
Mike Gantz Weather Observer, July 1971-July 1972, Bottom Camp
Joe Dacko Radar Maintenance, TDY Summer 1977
Ed Bertschy Weapons Section, May 1977-78
 Roy Hartnell Welcome letter to Indian Mountain
Vince Staffo Supply, August 1961-62
Richard Vasquez Engineer, 1952, helped build Indian Mountain
John Dobson Engineer, 1952, helped build Indian Mountain Top Camp
William Hanson Motor Pool, 1970-71
David Cox Medic, Bottom Camp, 1971-72
Jim Selfridge Communication equipment repair, 1959-61
Gary Satterlee Crew Chief AC&W, 1971-72
Jim Howard  Communication Center, 1968-69
Gene Bashaw  Radar Operator, 1979-80
Alan Rader Communication equipment repair, 1971-72
Richard LaGana  1955-56
Paul Uren Weather Observer, 1966-67
Deral Carson Weapons Tech 1979-80
Steve Cleveland Radar Operator 1972-73
Wendell (Barry) Parker Power plant Oct. 1966-67
Kevin Reynolds Weather observer October 1976 - August 1977
Robert Yorgason Radar Operator 1954-55
Roger Jackson Ancillary maintenance (30372) and was NCOIC of our MARS station. Nov. 1972 - Nov.  1973
Phil Wright
708th AC & W Oct. '77 - Oct. '78
Steve Goldsmith Power plant 07/1970 - July 1971
Jim Wilson Weather observer, April 1971-71
Bill Carsten Radio Relay Repairman, September 1957-58